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This application was withdrawn by the applicant on 13 June. No reason was given other than “unexpected circumstances”. If the application had gone ahead and had been approved, the site would have become classified as brownfield land, allowing it to be developed as housing or other uses at a later date. For that reason, it was unlikely to have been approved by Shropshire Council.

Changes to Henley Hall solar farm access thrown out giving residents some tranquility

Plans for a solar farm at Henley Hall on the outskirts of Ludlow were approved in June after an appeal to the planning inspectorate. In September, the size of the solar farm was reduced. But at the same time, Kronos Solar said it wanted construction traffic to access the site near to housing at Lower Ledwyche. The original plan had been to access the solar farm via an existing concrete track well away from housing. Nearby residents were quite rightly furious with the plans, which would have caused considerable local disruption.

Welcome to the new ugly Ludlow – Henley Hall solar farm appeal gets the go ahead

Sometimes it is better to write blogs that reflect the mood you are in. At other times it is best to wait. On this occasion I am spitting so much blood in anger so I think it is better to publish. The planning inspectorate in Bristol has approved a huge solar farm off Squirrel Lane on the edge of Ludlow. I am appalled by this decision. It will industrialise the gentle rural edge of Ludlow. I am sorry to say that this is typical of decisions taken by the planning inspectorate in Bristol. They come here for a few days and make hasty judgements on what should or should go ahead. The planning inspectorate will probably never come here again to look at the consequences of this decision.  There will never be a reality check on the damage they have done to the countryside on the edge of town. No one in Bristol will look at the long effects on tourism or ever come back to try to understand the impact of their decisions.

I am disappointed and rather angry that a planning inspector has allowed a solar farm to go ahead above Neen Sollars, near Cleobury Mortimer. I don’t think that this appeal needed to have been lost. The Neen Sollars decision follows the approval by another planning inspector of a solar farm at Acton Scott. A decision on an application for a solar farm at Whitton is due any day. I fear for the result. All three solar farm applications were turned down by the South Planning Committee against the advice of officers. In all three cases, councillors have subsequently been excluded from the appeal process. The council’s case was submitted after the planning inspectorate deadline for two of the three appeals. To me this suggests that the technical documentation was prepared under hurried pressure. And for all three applications, the appeal case has been written by the same planning team that enthusiastically supported the planning application at the South Planning Committee.

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