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I don’t believe this. It does not accord with the facts. It will be a closure on Frday and Saturday only. (In an earlier version of the article, the headline read that the roads would be closed to 7pm. Apologies.) On Friday, Shropshire Council said King Street and High Street would be closed in the middle of the day seven days a week. That’s despite the portfolio holder for transport, Steve Davenport telling councillors that the closure would be just Fridays and Saturdays. And would only apply to King Street. That’s what will all think will be the case. But Shropshire Council has published details of the seven day road closures. Either highways officers don’t know what is going on or the cabinet doesn’t know what is going on. Does anyone in Shropshire Council know what is going on? A senior manager of highways this afternoon, three days after the issue was raised, said: “I’m talking this through with colleagues as I type, then I will update later by email, and then intend to call later or first thing in the morning in order to ensure all are aware and any solution is shared and hopefully agreed by all.” Make…

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Covid Watch 57: Poll reveals six in ten people want immediate pedestrianisation of some of Ludlow town centre

The poll has closed. The results are in. My website poll launched midday Saturday received 760 votes. Six in ten people who responded to the poll favoured some form of pedestrianisation of the town centre (61%). The others wanted no road closures at any point. Up for debate was a proposal agreed at Ludlow Town Council to close King Street and High Street to vehicles between 10am and 3pm on Fridays and Saturday. The aim is to promote social distancing. I put four options into the poll. A quarter of people who responded want the streets closed seven days a week (26%). More than one fifth want closures on Saturday and Sunday instead (22%). Just 13% favour Ludlow Town Council’s proposal of closure on Fridays and Saturdays.

Covid Watch 56: Ludlow Town Council proposes to close King Street and High Street Friday and Saturday. Do you agree? Vote now!

As part of the plans to reopen Ludlow town centre as the Covid-19 emergency eases, Ludlow Town Council, promoted by Shropshire Council, is proposing to pedestrianise King Street and High Street on Fridays and Saturdays. This will be an emergency measure to promote social distancing on our town’s narrow streets. Experimental closures of roads can be brought in at a week’s notice without consultation by Shropshire Council. They can be withdrawn at any point, also without notice. The town council is not planning long term closures. Experimental closures can be in place for 18 months. During that period the highways authority, Shropshire Council, will consult residents and businesses about the impact of the closure. Is this a good idea? Our town is not sure. Vote now! The poll closes at 6pm Monday.

Covid Watch 54: Ludlow Town Council backs a trial closure of King Street and High Street on Fridays and Saturdays

Last night, Ludlow Town Council met to consider plans for a social distanced town. As part of this, it discussed proposals to close King Street and High Street to vehicles on Friday and Saturdays. This is move controversial to say the least. Many, if not most, retailers and market traders oppose the closures fearing a loss of trade. People are also concerned that those with limited mobility will be excluded from the town centre on the biggest shopping days. The changes will be temporary and can be introduced within seven days of Shropshire Council deciding to do so. I support closure on weekends. Tracey Huffer opposes closures. Viv Parry, Richard Huffer, Tracey and I are calling for a formal Equalities Impact Assessment before any changes are made.

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