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Bromfield Road pothole not fixed after more than three months – it’s a potential killer (with video)

Bromfield Road is one of the busiest roads in Ludlow, both with vehicle traffic and pedestrians going to and from Ludlow School. It is meant to be slow road, 20mph for the most part, but it is not a road that always feels safe. There are narrow pavements shadowed by trees that are crammed with students, especially in the afternoon at schools out. At times they spill out onto the poorly lit zebra crossing before traffic is fully at a halt. And now there is the pothole. Pothole is a misnomer. A crater up to 15cm deep has been forming around a drain cover for a long while. It is now dangerous. It is going to blow a tyre or wreck a wheel just as vehicles approach the zebra crossing, let alone the danger to cyclists. That could lead to a serious accident. Is this the most dangerous pothole in Shropshire? Sadly, I doubt it.

Shropshire Council’s highways leadership wrecked by potholes amid resignation call

The rain is dancng on the roads and pavements and tap dancing on my windows as Storm Ciara hits with full force. If Shropshire Council is to be believed, potholes will be popping up on roads across the county like zits on a teenager’s face. Too much rain is the latest excuse by the council for the pothole menace invading the county. Even Tory councillors are complaining. It has not been a good week for the Shropshire Council cabinet member for highways and transport, Steve Davenport who is having a bumpy ride. Public outrage over the menace of potholes has bounced to a new bumpy height. Shropshire Council is now to pay a consultant £1,000 a day to solve problems that are of its own making. The management of the highways contract has been a mess for years. Now Shropshire Council Lib Dems are calling for Councillor Davenport to resign.

More bump, crash and injury – Shropshire Council is to slow down pothole repairs and pavements will be more dangerous

More people will trip on Ludlow’s pavements and end up in hospital. More cyclists will be tipped into the carriageway. More cars will have their wheels wrecked. These are just a few of the consequences of a proposed new policy for highway repairs, which Shropshire Council slipped out for consultation without so much as a press release. I have no doubt these policies will come in. Shropshire Council is beholden to the motor car. And it has cut back the highways budget so severely that reductions in the repair schedule are inevitable.

Highway repairs to top agenda at Ludlow public meeting on 5 July

You can’t get away from potholes and failing road surfaces in Ludlow. Sheet Road, one of main access roads into town, is falling apart from one end to the other. Pedestrian crossings are barely visible because crossing stripes haven’t been painted in years. New potholes appear almost every day. The contractors who maintain the A49 between Ludlow and Bromfield admit it “is breaking up and in poor condition.” The state of our local roads in Shropshire will be the topic of discussion at a public meeting in Ludlow on 5 July.

Pothole plague is more down to the catastrophic collapse of our roads than the severe winter

I was amazed to hear a spokesman for Keir tell BBC Radio Shropshire last week that the winter just past was “one of the worst in living memory.” Nonsense. It doesn’t compare with 2009/10, which was the coldest winter since 1979. I remember both. We didn’t get as many potholes in 2010. That was because our roads were in a better condition. Now far too many of Shropshire’s roads are at the point of catastrophic failure because of constant budget cuts. It only takes a spell of nasty weather, and that’s normal in this part of the world, for potholes to breed like a plague of rats. You only need to drive along Sheet Road to witness this.

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