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From 1 September, bus times between Ludlow and Kidderminster will change. There will be a much improved service, the 2L, which replaces the 292. 2L Timetable from 01-09-2014 (was 292) (PDF) Seven buses will run from Ludlow to Kidderminster from Monday to Friday, up from the current six. The first bus from Ludlow will be earlier, at 8.40am and last bus back from Kidderminster will be an hour later, departing at 17.25. There will be a later bus to Cleobury Mortimer at 18.20. On Saturday, there will be eight buses from Ludlow to Kidderminster, two more than at present. The first will leave at 8.40am and the last at 18.46pm. Coming back from Kidderminster, the last bus to Ludlow is 17.25pm and to Cleobury at 18.15. Richard Huffer, Shropshire councillor for Clee Hill, welcomes the new timetable. “It is great to hear that we are to get more buses. Usually we only hear of buses being cut back. The 292 has been a vital service for people who live in the Cleobury and Clee area who need to get to the shops, go to school and college, and visit their friends. The new 2L services looks set to be even better….

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