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Shropshire Council’s highways contract with Kier is not hitting many of its performance targets. The council is making the usual excuses. The weather was bad. Err, welcome to Shropshire. It pleads there were teething problems with the contract. Keir has a turnover of £4.5 billion. Shropshire Council has a budget above half a billion. How come these giants struggle to introduce a highways contract that costs £21m a year? A whistleblower has submitted evidence that Shropshire Council does not properly monitor its highway contractors, Kier and WSP. The whistleblower, a Senior Quantity Surveyor who worked as a contractor for the council, said his complaints were not investigated. That’s a contravention of the council’s whistleblowing policy. Questions are to be asked in a council committee tomorrow. The quality of Shropshire’s highways affects everyone. In 2018/19, 12% of the county’s B and C roads needed maintenance, well above the national average of 5%. It is time to stop making excuses. It is time to ensure that council taxpayers get bangs for their bucks. It is time to end the bangs and bucking people experience travelling on the county’s rural and urban roads.  

Ludlow’s Corve Street to be properly resurfaced in February with three Sunday closures

Corve Street was resurfaced by Shropshire Council’s former contractors, Ringway, in 2017. It was a very poor quality job that began to fail within weeks. It was immediately clear that the road would have be resurfaced. That work will now take place on three consecutive Sundays, 10th, 17th and 24th February. The work is timed to be least damaging to local trade, the visitor economy and buses. I am glad this work is going ahead. It will be disruptive but Corve Street will be much the better for it.

Calls for Ringway to be sacked by Shropshire Council as road repairs fail

At last Thursday’s council meeting, highways boss Simon Jones admitted that the performance of the council’s road contractors is not up to scratch. He has only just taken over the transport portfolio, which he held a few years back. He said that dealing with Ringway was like dealing with a company in the first year of the contract, not its third year. He also said that spending £1.1 million on improving the Craven Arms highways depot, which is shared between Shropshire Council and Ringway, was part of the contract with Ringway, though he didn’t sound enthusiastic about the project. A couple of weeks ago, Ringway made its third attempt at resurfacing Lower Corve Street. The previous two operations were carried out in October – what sort of company conducts a non-urgent resurfacing in October? Tarmac operations need to conducted in warm weather without excessive rain. Even I know that. Councillor Heather Kidd has now called for Ringway to be sacked. I agree with that. It is not rocket science to resurface roads correctly but Ringway seems to find even the basics difficult.

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