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Covid Watch – Shropshire Council launches Step Up Shropshire – it’s latest campaign on tackling #coronavirus

Covid-19 cases are rising in Shropshire with 75 confirmed cases in the unitary council area last week. The rapid rise in cases follows the regional trend but cases remain lower than elsewhere. It would be good to keep it that way and that is why the council has launched a new media campaign, Step Up Shropshire. Speaking to BBC Radio Shropshire this morning, Shropshire’s Director of Health Rachel Robinson said the increase is across the county and all settings. She admitted that people have become exhausted with the restrictions but said that as we approach winter we must pull together. This is particularly important for Shropshire where 55% of population are vulnerable. She said half of cases were linked to social contacts.

Council leaders worried that Shirehall will be listed by Historic England apply for immunity certificate (updated)

Without informing councillors, Shropshire Council has applied for a certificate of immunity to protect its Shirehall headquarters from being listed. Councillors only heard about this yesterday. The consultation by Historic England ends on Friday. Council leader Peter Nutting has said the decision to apply for a certificate of immunity is not controversial as the council decision in July on the future of Shirehall was quite clear. But councillors did not agree to demolish Shirehall. They agreed to stop work on the ambitious and expensive plans to remodel Shirehall and explore developing a new civic centre in Shrewsbury town centre. Demolition was not discussed. The secret move to get a certificate of immunity is typical of the current council leadership’s approach. Councillors are informed on a need to know basis and, in Peter Nutting’s opinion, most councillors don’t need to know.

Approval of Church Walk balcony undermines Ludlow’s historic environment – it’s a bad undemocratic decision

The third storey roof terrace overlooking St Laurence’s Church and the Reader’s House has been approved. It is an appalling decision. The town council objected. Ludlow’s conservation committee objected. Ludlow Civic Society objected. I asked for the decision to be made by the planning committee. All this was to no avail. Planning officers approved the scheme yesterday.   This decision, which in my opinion ignores court rulings about protecting the setting of historic buildings, was made after a secretive meeting by planning officers and the chair and vice chair of the Southern Planning Committee. That meeting decided to delegate the decision to officers who immediately approved the scheme. Did the chair and vice chair visit the site before they made that decision? We don’t know because the process is shrouded in secrecy but I doubt they did so. Shropshire Council’s planning system must be overhauled to give greater respect to local representations and the historic environment.

Queue at Prices

It’s been a tough time for our high streets in Shropshire. They were almost deserted for months. Only in the last few weeks have they begun to spring back into life. Shropshire Council has launched a survey of businesses, councillors, residents and others asking how our town centres and high streets are performing as we emerge from lockdown. The council is asking whether there is more activity in your local town centre than last week. It wants an estimate or rough guess on what proportion of businesses are open. What would encourage more businesses to open? And two crucial questions. How confident do you think the public is in returning to the town centre? And what measures could be taken to increase public confidence? Please take part in the survey.

Calling residents and employees of Burway Lane and Parys Road – you are going to get your roads resurfaced and you might not like it (updated)

Update 22 July: The work on Parys Road and Burway is underway. Many of the major faults have been ground out and patched. Final surfacing is awaited. The date for completion of the works has been extended until the end of July. There has not been much notice of the work on Burway Lane. It could begin as early as Sunday. Resurfacing of Parys Road is scheduled for 19 July to 25 July. The work on both roads will involve laying a bituminous binder. Grit will be rolled into this and further worked in by vehicles in under 20mph restrictions. This was the technique used on Dinham and Linney. No one seems impressed by the quality of work on those roads or the necessity for doing it. And of course, this technique leads to grit being sprayed onto pavements and against vehicles. Cyclists hate it. Parys Road doesn’t need resurfacing along its length. It needs rebuilding from Sheet Road to Tollgate Road. This is the 150-metre stretch where HGVs are pummelling the road to breaking point. The road need grinding down and relaying, not resurfacing over the cracks and bumps.

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