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No trains for a third day through Ludlow – no news on when they will resume

Arriva Train Wales has cancelled all trains between Manchester and Cardiff for Friday. There will not be replacement buses. The advice remains not to travel by rail or road. Arriva Trains Wales is running a limited service on the following lines only: Shrewsbury to Crewe; Crewe to Chester; Chester to Holyhead; and Wrexham to Bidston. There is no news from the rail companies on when services will resume.

This article relates to Thursday. See here for Friday’s update. Arriva Train Wales has cancelled trains through Ludlow for a second day. Unless you must travel, don’t try. The cancellations are a combination of the predicted severe weather during Storm Emma and urgent safety checks after a wheel fault was found overnight on Tuesday. It seems that all 27 trains in the Class 175 fleet have wheel damage. Replacement buses seem sporadic.

This article was updated at 6am Thursday morning. All trains in and out of Ludlow are cancelled this morning and the service may not resume today. This sudden interruption of services is due to wheel damage to a train(s) and the need for safety checks on Arriva’s fleet of Class 175 trains. A replacement bus service has just begun operating (c. 9.00am). The best advice is not to travel unless you really must. Safety is clearly an overriding concern. But there are questions that Arriva needs to answer about this disruption to Shropshire services.

Our gritting crews worked themselves into exhaustion – from Ludlow Advertiser

The cold snap delivered snow up to 20cm deep in South Shropshire towns, deeper in many rural areas. Schools closed. Parents took time off work. Kids skidded and sledded around. On Gallows Bank, children had great fun and it was free. Let it snow, let it snow… There is another side to this. Snow, and the ice that follows it, traps vulnerable and older people in their homes. Buses can’t access many side roads. Many of the pavements in Ludlow were lethal on Wednesday and Thursday after packed snow partially thawed and refroze.

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