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New 33 acre solar farm proposal at Henley Hall, near Ludlow

Hard on the heels of a resubmission of proposals for the Whitton solar farm, plans have been announced for a 5MW solar farm off Squirrel Lane, between Lower Ledwyche and Henley Hall (15/01472/FUL). Today, Kronos Solar wrote to Ludlow and Clee unitary councillors announcing that the planning application for a 13 hectare “solar park” has been submitted to Shropshire Council. The application is currently being validated before being made public.

New plans for two solar installations near Ludlow – updated

Update: 19 June 2015 Fishmore Farm. The rooftop scheme was approved under delegated powers on 7 May 2015. Whitton. On Tuesday, the South Planning Committee unanimously rejected plans for a 4.3MW, 13,000-panel solar farm at Whitton in Cayman parish a few miles from Ludlow. Officers had recommended approval but committee members were not convinced by the arguments in the officer report. After a lengthy and lively debate, I proposed refusal, seconded by Robert Tindall, councillor for Brown Clee. Officers resisted us citing loss of best and most versatile agricultural land as a reason for refusal. Through the debate, the case officer had argued that the grading of the land is unaffected by solar installations, citing appeal cases. In my view these cases were selective and Councillor Tindall and I stuck to our guns on including loss of best and most versatile land as a ground for refusal. The committee backed us and voted unanimously to reject the scheme on the following grounds: The development site is in close proximity to the Shropshire Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and would have a detrimental and visual impact upon the environment, character and landscape of the area and would result in the…

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Plans submitted for solar farm at Bromfield, Ludlow – I’m supporting the scheme

One of the real problems with solar farms in my book, windfarms too, is that they don’t supply power locally but plug into the national grid. That destroys the link between locality and renewable energy. That’s one reason why a solar farm proposed at Acton Scott was thrown out by the South Planning Committee earlier this week. It didn’t supply electricity locally, so why did it need to be in the AONB where the landscape has the highest levels of protection? What I like about the proposal for a solar farm at Bromfield is that up to a quarter of its power will be used in the local quarry and the Ludlow Food Centre. It is also on old quarry land and on a site that can only be seen from the railway. It’s not in the AONB or visible from it. That’s why I am backing this proposal while I was resolutely against the plans for a solar farm at Acton Scott.

Yesterday was another lively day at the South Planning Committee. Planning committees are always controversial these days. That’s because most decisions are taken by officers and the three planning committees (North, Central and South) only get to see the most complex and controversial applications. I wasn’t the least bit surprised that we unanimously voted against a cluster of wooden holiday chalets at the Wenlock Edge Inn (14/02184/FUL). They were on the wrong side of the road from the Inn, were in the wrong style and would have damaged views in a sensitive area of the AONB. We had strong and consistent grounds for rejected the plans under the National Planning Policy Framework, Shropshire Core Strategy and the Much Wenlock Neighbourhood Plan. The huge solar farm at Sheriffhales was much more difficult (14/03444/FUL). I was impressed by the community support for the scheme, the biodiversity plans and the development of a bond to pay for decommissioning. That swung me in favour of an installation I would normally prefer to be on factory roofs. But there were very strong objections to the scheme taking up good quality (best and most versatile) land. The plans were rejected by a single vote.

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