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The beautiful game is coming home but not in politics

Trollies are being wheeled out of supermarkets stacked with booze. The BBQs will be lit to sear burgers and sausages to the point of incineration. It’s party time because it’s coming home. And the final is against Germany, our nation’s favourite enemy in what used to be called the beautiful game. Today’s newspapers are not only full of coverage of the Lionesses, they cover the other contest gripping the nation (or probably not actually). The battle to become Tory leader and the prime minister of our nation. With the backing on Ben Wallace, Tom Tugendhat and Brandon Lewis, Liz Truss probably thinks it’s all over. It is not over until the final whistle. I think most of us wish it was over. Why has the Conservative Party imposed this lengthy torture on us? It’s a huge home goal for the party, which is showing itself in the worst possible light. Not for nothing has the Tory party long been known as the nasty party and its nastiness is at the forefront of the leadership campaign.

Talking BMX and skateboarding for Ludlow

We councillors are very conscious that the mental health and wellbeing of young people has suffered during the pandemic and its lockdowns. Some services and facilities were closed or in limited use. There was support online but it is not the same as face to face engagement. We intend to resume Ludlow Young Health drop in sessions later in the year. But, post-Olympics, we also need to look at sporting facilities for young people in Ludlow. People should not have to drive 30 miles to access decent facilities.

Revised arrangements for Ludlow10 run on 8 July will ensure its success (updated)

Over the last week, we have worked hard with the organisers of the Ludlow 10km run to ensure that this race runs with the minimum disruption to residents and other events. We have agreed the race will start slightly later, allowing some town centre road closures to be delayed. The roads will reopen as soon as the last runners have passed on their second lap All roads are expected to be open within two hours of the start. It is likely to be more difficult to find a parking space after 6pm on 8 July. So please come to town a little earlier than usual and use the Station Drive car park behind the Library. And do come along to enjoy what promises to be a great event.

After today’s South Shropshire Journal went to press, news broke that Ludlow football stadium has been saved. The Delve family, of Harry Tuffins fame, have stepped in to save the stadium. That’s brilliant news, not only for AFC Ludlow but for the other eighteen teams that play at the stadium. This is a really good story of modern-day philanthropy. Roy and Ruby Delve have made their money locally out of their Harry Tuffins chain. Now they’re giving money back to the community that shopped in their stores. By stepping in and saving Ludlow football club, they are ensuring the survival of nineteen teams as well as AFC Ludlow. This is great for football and fitness, and great for our community. I take my hat off to the Delves for stepping in to save one of Ludlow’s essential facilities. The history, ownership and current situation of this site is complex. I hope that all involved, including the Delves who own the ground, can move towards placing the stadium into a community trust or charity that will alleviate the £16K rates problem. There was never any intention of putting the stadium up for sale during the current crisis. But it might be…

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