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Storm Dennis: Free park and ride in Ludlow on Thursdays in March #ludlowisopen

This is great news. There is a meme going around that Ludlow is out of action due to the floods. Businesses have reported cancelled bookings. But, despite the devastation to dozens of homes and flooding of businesses, our town is trading as normal. We remain the feisty Ludlow we have always been. Trading is never great at this time of the year. We are waiting for the Easter boost to get our Marches town boosted into the high season. But everyone I have spoken to says footfall, which means  people spending money, is down after Storm Dennis. Shropshire Council has now agreed to free park and ride travel on Minsterley Buses (722) for all Thursdays in March. Thursday is a great market day. On 12 March and 26 March, we have Local to Ludlow markets. Our everyday markets are also great. Join us by driving to the park and ride on the Eco Park on the edge of town. SY8 1ES. Buses every 30 minutes at 15 minutes past and 15 minutes to the hour. Tell everyone #ludlowisopen. We look forward to seeing you.

Storm Dennis: Criticism of councillors and town council as it discussed the flood on Monday

Most members of Ludlow Town Council attended the extraordinary meeting of Ludlow Town Council on Monday evening. Viv Parry was very critical of other councillors for not turning out to help on Sunday 16 February. Glen Ginger took a different view and said only trained people should help in an emergency. But councillors overall though the town council could do more, including completing its emergency plan, work on which seems to have stalled. There was agreement that there could be improvements to flood defences on Temeside. I told the meeting we need to do work on the Lower Corve also.

The head of the Environment Agency today made a barnstorming speech on flooding. He is making the right noises about tackling the climate emergency. That’s welcome. But he still thinks housing can be built in high risk flood areas. Sir James Bevan didn’t speak about his own agency applying the lax national planning rules in a lax manner. According to a joint investigation by the Guardian and Greenpeace’s Unearthed news unit, 764 homes in our county are due to built in Flood Zone 3 – which has the highest risk of flooding – between 2015 and 2018. That’s one in twenty homes built in Shropshire.

New flood warning for Teme Saturday into Sunday – Shropshire Council is delivering sandbags

During Storm Dennis last weekend, there were no sandbags to be found in Ludlow. It was impossible for residents and businesses to get to the Craven Arms depot to pick sandbags because the A49 was closed due to flooding. We have yet another flood warning in place for the Teme for tonight into tomorrow (Sunday). Shropshire Council is delivering pallets of sandbags to Lower Corve Street and Temeside. It has changed its sandbag takeaway policy from drive thru to delivery at home. That is very welcome. The ground is saturated. A lot of soil on farmland has been washed away. That could mean that was is predicted to be an ordinary winter storm might have more impact on water levels than we might expect.

Storm Dennis – council chief executive’s update on the impact on Shropshire

Clive Wright, chief executive of Shropshire Council, has emailed council members and the county’s MPs to describe the impact of Storm Dennis on the unitary area. I thought it would be useful to publish this more widely as a factual account of the explosive cyclogenesis that hit our county and many other areas. The current estimate is that 95 homes have been flooded across the county and at least 28 businesses. The count for Ludlow is 37 homes and three businesses.

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