Day: 1 January 2015

Shropshire Council brings in New Year by pocketing town and parish council cash

How can you trust a public body Shropshire Council when it diverts cash meant for town and parish councils into its own coffers? That’s what it did before Christmas when the cabinet approved a damaging proposal to retain government funds it was told to pass on to local councils. Ludlow Town Council, which is facing a near 13% cut in its funding, has come out fighting. Speaking to the Ludlow Advertiser on 18 December town clerk Gina Wilding said: “This proposal is unacceptable.” She continued: Parish and town councils should have a financial framework to assist them in helping deliver local services. This decision is potentially damaging to joint working and the good relationships between local councils and Shropshire Council.

I was elected as a Shropshire councillor on 13 March 2014. As the vote was counted, I was at the point of exhaustion. I needed sleep. I also needed to write a comment to be published in the Shropshire Star the next morning. It had been a very long election campaign. We started in January 2013 when I stood against Rosanna Taylor-Smith, losing in May by 85 votes. At that same election, Martin Taylor-Smith lost his seat after a barnstorming victory by Viv Parry. Two days later, we grouped around a kitchen table and began planning for what we thought would be an inevitable byelection in Ludlow North. When Rosanna Taylor-Smith announced her resignation in December, we were ready to go.

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