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Boundary review for Shropshire town and parish councils begins (updated)

Our county’s market towns have been expanding into their extra mural parishes for many years. There will be much more housing and business development on the edges of the market towns in the years to come. This article is not about the whys and wherefores of housing and other development. It is about local governance. Are our town and parish council boundaries still fit for purpose? The debate on that gets underway in earnest in few days’ time. If any changes are proposed and agreed, they will come into force in May 2025. I am one of the members of Shropshire Council’s working group on governance. We haven’t met yet as a group yet but I don’t think any of us will think that the process of redrawing parish and ward boundaries will be easy.

It is time to reregister to vote and to get registered if you are not

Any day now, an email will drop into your inbox or one of those old fashioned letters will drop through your letterbox. It will invite you to renew your voter registration for local and national elections. If you don’t renew, you will lose your vote. First time voters can also register. You must be 16 years old to register but you can’t vote in England until you are 18. It is also time to think about getting a postal vote. No one can predict how fit we will be, what our personal circumstances may me or what the weather will be like on an election day.

Chesham & Amersham Lib Dem victory: What it means for Ludlow

Yesterday Lib Dems were in a state of high excitement have won the Chesham and Amersham by-election by a mile and a half. Although I don’t often publish national political stuff on this blog, the result was game changer. It would be remiss of me if I didn’t mention it. And the comments made by the defeated Tory candidate show how of touch the Tories have become. How arrogant they have become. There was a 25% swing to the Lib Dems in Chesham and Amersham on Thursday. That is huge. Ludlow constituency has been Lib Dem in the past. We would need a swing of 23.5%. That now look achievable. A big challenge. But achievable.

Local Elections 2021: Greens and Labour gain from Tories – Lib Dems waiting in wings (1pm)

This is proving an interesting election. No one is doubting that the Conservatives will form the next Shropshire Council administration from Monday. But there are strong messages coming from the electorate that they want more action on green matters and the climate emergency, and on areas outside Shrewsbury. For the first time, a Labour candidate has been elected for Bridgnorth following years of the town being badly served, some would say dissed, by its Conservative representatives. There is a kick in the whatsits for the Tory leadership in the county. David Minnery in Market Drayton was deselected due to a perceived lack of loyalty, probably one of the few times a political party has deselected a cabinet portfolio holder. Today, David is back as an independent. He and I are not allies but I welcome the challenge he is giving the local party leadership. We will learn whether that council leadership is outgoing by the end of the day.

Local Elections 2021: Strong showing for Greens in Oswestry East but Tories win both seats – Labour & Conservatives take Bridgnorth West

In the two seat ward of Oswestry East, Chris Schofield and John Price won for the Conservatives with a combined total of 1,556 votes. The two Green candidates, Jay Moore and Olly Rose, gained 947 votes. That’s a healthy improvement the Green vote of 540 in 2017. There might be a couple of themes here. The Green Party is growing in confidence and strength here and across the country. And in Shropshire people are saying they that have had enough of the council leadership dragging its feet on the climate emergency and biodiversity crisis. In another two-seater, Julia Buckley gained a seat in Bridgnorth West and Tasley for Labour and Les Winwood was returned for the Tories. But the Greens only polled 130 votes. Key Lib Dem seats have yet to be declared. The Greens have also taken Bowbrook and Oswestry South from the Tories. They gained 447 votes in Corvedale from a standing start. Oswestry East Lee Bennett (LD) 76 Graeme Currie (Lab) 324 Romer Hoseason (LD) 70 Jay Moore (Green) 501 John Price (Con) 889 Olly Rose (Green) 446 Chris Schofield (Con) 667. Bridgnorth West & Tasley Rachel Connolly (Lab) 669 Julia Buckley (Lab) 1,321 David Cooper (LD)…

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