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Two people have put their names forward for the vacancy on Ludlow Town Council created after the resignation of Graeme Perks: Darren Childs (address in Shropshire) Thomas Ian Scott Bell (Broad Street). Both are standing as independents, as is the normal, but not compulsory, practice on Ludlow Town Council. Darren Childs is known for his work on campaigning for better ambulance cover for Ludlow. Ian Scott Bell stood unsuccessfully for Ludlow North as a Conservative in the May 2021 unitary elections. The date of the by-election will be 31 March 2022.

New councillor sought for Ludlow Town Council after Graeme Perks resigns

We were surprised but after two decades as a member of Ludlow Town Council, Graeme Perks unexpectedly stood down yesterday. The Mayor of Ludlow is to write to Graeme to thank him for his 20 years’ service on the council. Ludlow Town Council published a notice of vacancy for Gallows Bank Ward within hours of the resignation. A new councillor could be elected through a by-election, in which case ten signatures from the ward must be submitted to Shirehall by 11 February. If a by-election is not called by electors, a new councillor will be co-opted by existing councillors. That is likely to take place on 7 March.

Helen Morgan has been selected as the Lib Dem candidate in the North Shropshire by-election, which was called after the resignation of Conservative Owen Paterson amid allegations of sleaze. The campaign in North Shropshire has been underway for a week-and-a-half. Last Saturday Sarah Cooper, who was elected as MP for Chesham and Amersham in June, opened our campaign HQ near Wem in North Shropshire. Helen said this morning her top campaigning priority will be to demand a better deal for the constituency’s local health services, which have been taken for granted by the Conservatives for years. It comes with the closure of both of North Shropshire’s ambulance stations, GP services in crisis and A&E wait times on the rise. Helen is also passionate about getting a fair deal for Shropshire’s farmers who are at risk as the Conservatives continue to let them down with disappointing trade deals. You can donate to the campaign here.

Boundary review for Shropshire town and parish councils begins (updated)

Our county’s market towns have been expanding into their extra mural parishes for many years. There will be much more housing and business development on the edges of the market towns in the years to come. This article is not about the whys and wherefores of housing and other development. It is about local governance. Are our town and parish council boundaries still fit for purpose? The debate on that gets underway in earnest in few days’ time. If any changes are proposed and agreed, they will come into force in May 2025. I am one of the members of Shropshire Council’s working group on governance. We haven’t met yet as a group yet but I don’t think any of us will think that the process of redrawing parish and ward boundaries will be easy.

It is time to reregister to vote and to get registered if you are not

Any day now, an email will drop into your inbox or one of those old fashioned letters will drop through your letterbox. It will invite you to renew your voter registration for local and national elections. If you don’t renew, you will lose your vote. First time voters can also register. You must be 16 years old to register but you can’t vote in England until you are 18. It is also time to think about getting a postal vote. No one can predict how fit we will be, what our personal circumstances may me or what the weather will be like on an election day.

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