Month: October 2016

Bid to put petrol storage tanks underground at proposed Bromfield Road store is betrayal of trust

In May 2015, the South Planning Committee approved a new store and petrol station on the corner of Bromfield Road and Coronation Avenue. I had previously objected to this application but changed my mind after the developer went the extra mile to make the development work on this sensitive site. I asked the planning committee to approve the application rather than risk losing on appeal. Now the developer, Mead House Pension Scheme, has applied to build the petrol storage tanks below ground. I feel betrayed.

We have an urgent need to repainted road markings and road studs along the A49 north and south of Ludlow. The markings at the junction of the A49 and the B4365 (the road across the racecourse), for example, are barely visible. The junction needs refreshed lines and new studs to reduce the risks of accidents. At last the work is going to be done by Kier Highways, a company working for Highways England. The road will be closed from 9pm to 6am from Monday 31 October to Friday 11 November. But the diversions proposed are bizarre. The proposal is to divert all traffic, including HGVs onto the narrow residential streets of Craven Arms and Ditton Priors. At least, I think that is what Kier is proposing in the most confusing letter I have received since becoming a councillor.

Changes to Henley Hall solar farm access thrown out giving residents some tranquility

Plans for a solar farm at Henley Hall on the outskirts of Ludlow were approved in June after an appeal to the planning inspectorate. In September, the size of the solar farm was reduced. But at the same time, Kronos Solar said it wanted construction traffic to access the site near to housing at Lower Ledwyche. The original plan had been to access the solar farm via an existing concrete track well away from housing. Nearby residents were quite rightly furious with the plans, which would have caused considerable local disruption.

New data released by the Office of National Statistics today show a general improvement in wages across the south of Shropshire. But women’s wages are falling. Men’s pay has gone up. Women’s pay has gone down. Men in the Ludlow area earn about £2 an hour above the national average. Women work for a rate that is around £2 below the national average. The gender pay gap is reducing nationally, albeit slowly, but here in the Ludlow constituency it is widening.

Update 2 November 2016 Unfortunately this meeting has had to be cancelled. My apologies. The next scheduled meeting is 16 November. I’ll get details out as soon as I have them. Main article 25 October 2016 The Safer Ludlow partnership is a joint initiative between West Mercia Police, Ludlow councillors, and Ludlow and Shropshire Councils. Safer Ludlow will be holding a public drop in session at Ludlow Methodist Church on Broad Street on 2 November. Councillors and police officers will be present from 12 noon. This is the second in a regular series of community sessions to be held across the Ludlow and Clee area over the coming months.

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