Month: February 2019

15-minute closure on Brand Lane this morning 28 February for pothole repair

Brand Lane will close for around 15 minutes midmorning today to fix a nasty pothole at the Old Street end. There will be no signposted diversions and large vehicles will need to wait for the road to be cleared. I have asked for the work to be timed to minimise disruptions to the town bus services. Please be patient if you get held up. This brute of a pothole is wrecking cars and must be repaired.

We need a new market towns initiative across Shropshire to promote our rural economy – we are proposing a new fund on Thursday

It is time we had capital funding to improve our smaller market towns, not just in Shrewsbury and Oswestry. I have put forward a motion for next Thursday’s Shropshire Council meeting aiming to establish a capital fund for investment in the smaller market towns including Ludlow. We must keep our smaller town centres alive. That will benefit residents and visitors. It will also ensure that Shropshire Council maintains its income from council tax and business rates.

Council tax to rise overall by 4.2% for Ludlow residents from April

Next Thursday, Shropshire Council will vote to raise council tax by 3.99%, the maximum allowed without holding a referendum. This will take the payment for a Band D property to £1,388.23. There will be a rise of nearly 10% in the police precept and 4% in the fire precept. Most parish and town council precepts will rise, though not in Ludlow where the precept has risen by 48% since April 2017. Overall, Ludlow residents will see their combined council tax and precept bill rise by 4.2%.

Connexus makes a third attempt to build five bungalows on Sidney Road green and fell Norway Maple

This was always going to come. Connexus is the mega housing association that has absorbed South Shropshire Housing Association. It has now appealed against Shropshire Council’s refusal of plans for five bungalows on the green space at the bottom of Charlton Rise. This is an important amenity area but it has no protection as a green space. The Norway Maple is covered a tree protection order but that will be lifted if planning permission is given and the tree will be felled. The South Planning Committee twice rejected the planning application. The appeal will be conducted by letters – email usually. We need to get our objections in by 14 March. I provide guidance on how to do that below.

Approval given for 74 homes in former quarry on Fishmore Road – no affordable housing but small homes to buy

This application has taken a long time to get approval but earlier this week Shropshire Council gave outline planning permission for 74 houses and apartments in the former brick quarry. There will no affordable homes on site and the developer will only have to pay affordable housing contribution if profits from the site are higher than expected. This is because of the costs of providing a retaining wall to protect the development from the quarry face and decontaminating the site. Nearly half the homes will be two-bedroom. This is only outline permission. The developer now has three years to submit a full application (called reserved matters in planning jargon).

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