Month: February 2018

This article was updated at 6am Thursday morning. All trains in and out of Ludlow are cancelled this morning and the service may not resume today. This sudden interruption of services is due to wheel damage to a train(s) and the need for safety checks on Arriva’s fleet of Class 175 trains. A replacement bus service has just begun operating (c. 9.00am). The best advice is not to travel unless you really must. Safety is clearly an overriding concern. But there are questions that Arriva needs to answer about this disruption to Shropshire services.

Historic England puts its boot in to plans for a garage on the Linney below the Castle

Developments at the top of the Linney are in the shadow of Ludlow Castle, St Lawrence’s church and the town walls. This historic context means that any application, no matter how small, needs great scrutiny. The planning application to build a garage for Drawbridge House has come under scrutiny from national heritage watchdog, Historic England. It has objected to the planning application saying does not conform to national planning rules and legislation.

Streetlights could go out in Shropshire after councillors refuse upgrade plan

On Thursday, Shropshire Council rejected plans to invest in upgraded LED streetlights. There is a danger that many streetlights will go out as old sodium lamps fail. The rejection by Conservative councillors also means that street lighting will cost taxpayers more in the long run. The Conservatives also rejected proposals to work with parish councils on environmental improvements.

Yesterday’s Shropshire Council meeting was quite lively at times. The subject matter was duller than dust – the council’s finances. But it did get a bit hot under the collar, with raised voices, swearing and gasps of incredulity. Conservatives even voted against Conservative motions. Councillors squabbled over whether to raise the pay of the political leaders and eventually agreed not to do so – for now. Councillors did agree a £209m net budget for next year and to raise council tax by 5.99%. With police, fire and Ludlow Town Council also making increases, the overall council tax bill in Ludlow will increase by 6.7%.

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