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Shropshire Council approves hike in car parking charges – that’s not a surprise but it will damage Ludlow

Parking charges will go up in Ludlow following a decision by the Economic and Environment Overview and Scrutiny Committee not to refer the proposed increase in charges in our town back to the council’s cabinet. Charges for Wem and for Shrewsbury in the evening and on Sundays will be reconsidered by the cabinet. I spoke for Ludlow at the meeting but could not put forward a recommendation because I am not a member of the committee. It was established during the meeting that £4.3m “surplus” had been generated from parking charges in Shropshire over the last three years. I argued in my submission that that was sufficient to pay for the parking reviews and increased staffing costs the council was planning. It was stated that this “surplus” was used for the purposes within the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984. No evidence was given on where the £4.3m had actually gone […]

Update on lift installation at Ludlow railway station

People in the neighbourhood of Station Drive and councillors have received an update on the work to install a lift on Platform 1 at the railway station. Network Rail now hope to complete the work by the summer, pushed back from the previous estimate of completion by March. Station Drive will be closed overnight on three Saturdays, 10, 17 and 24 February to lift the lift into position. Problems with turning out of Tesco have been eased by moving the lights. The overnight road closures will not have a significant impact on the town but I will be asking for the lane closure on Station Drive to be lifted before Easter, which beginning of the main visitor season in our town. The extension means that the closure of park of Galdeford car park and on the station car park will continue for longer. This work is essential to ensure that […]

Shropshire Council plans to increase car parking charges, including in Ludlow

Yesterday, Shropshire Council’s cabinet agreed to a public consultation on increases in parking charges across the county. There are increases in costs for on street and off street parking in Ludlow of 20p an hour. Charges will also be increased for permits to park on street. Car park season tickets will increase steeply. The aim is to raise more money for the cash strapped council to improve the maintenance of car parks and increase parking staff. In Shrewsbury, there is the additional aim of discouraging cars from parking in the loop. Across the county, the new changes will raise an estimated extra £2 million a year, of which about £1.5m will be from Shrewsbury. These increases in charges are unwelcome. There should be no change in charges until the park and ride service is improved. That means resurfacing the car park on the Eco Park and increasing the frequency of […]

Shropshire Council closes popular Ludlow Tollgate footpath – it’s crazy

The footpath between Tollgate Road and Sheet Road past the children’s play area has been blocked off by Shropshire Council. This is madness. An area of the play area fence has fallen because Shropshire Council failed to conduct routine maintenance. The fence is not a danger to users of the path. So why block the path? The fence collapsed during the week, perhaps due to storm damage or just pushed over. The wooden supports for the fence were rotten at the base and have been for a long while. If someone was pushed towards it in jest, it would have collapsed. The collapsed area should be closed off with barriers. But that can be done without restricting the footpath.

Ignore what Shropshire Council is saying, Ludlow town service 701 still runs on Saturday

There is much confusion among bus users in Ludlow today after Shropshire Council put up timetables saying the 701 town service does not run on Saturdays. This is a busy town service that travels to and from the town centre serving Henley Road, the Bringewoods, Dodmore and Sandpits. Despite the Shropshire Council timetable, the 701 continues to run on Saturdays. It was running today. I have spoken to passengers that have been anxious that the 701 no longer runs on a busy day for shopping. Council officers should provide new timetables immediately. There are no plans to cancel the Saturday 701 Ludlow Town service. I am mystified why the new timetables, which were put out Friday, are incorrect. Bus passenger numbers fell dramatically during the pandemic. They have never fully recovered. But the 701 Ludlow town service is not threatened. Neither are there plans to reduce its service hours. This […]

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