Month: June 2017

Utterly crazy construction management plan for building two houses on Friars Walk

Developer West Ella Holdings is proposing to build two semi-detached houses on a former garden plot on Friars Walk (16/05602/FUL). This site is almost impossible to access for building traffic. The construction management plan published earlier this week proves this to be the case. Should the scheme be approved, residents of Friars Garden will face being disturbed by deliveries to the site from 7.00am to 8.00pm Monday to Saturday. The contractor is also proposing an option to deliver on Sundays, “if the Site Agent considers it necessary.” This construction plan cannot be delivered. But that is why it has an escape clause. Delivering materials from Old Street under the arch. That’s not safe and the whole plan is utterly crazy.

After today’s decision, it’s fine to live in rural Shropshire unless you are pregnant

Tracey Huffer, Shropshire Councillor for Ludlow East and a practising nurse, responds to the decision today by SaTH to close the rural midwifery-led maternity units at Ludlow, Oswestry and Bridgnorth for up to 24 weeks. “This is disgraceful. This is disgusting. “If Ludlow and the other rural maternity units are closed for nearly six months, they will never reopen.

Poyner Close – affordable bungalow plans scrapped by housing group for open market bungalow

This is quite a surprising change. In March, Shropshire Housing Group (SHG) submitted an application for two social housing bungalows on Poyner Close, off Gravel Hill in Ludlow. These proposals received 14 objections, including from Ludlow Town Council. Now, SHG – a social housing supplier – has rescinded the plans for the social bungalows, replacing them with a single bungalow for sale on the open market (17/01372/FUL).

Revised arrangements for Ludlow10 run on 8 July will ensure its success (updated)

Over the last week, we have worked hard with the organisers of the Ludlow 10km run to ensure that this race runs with the minimum disruption to residents and other events. We have agreed the race will start slightly later, allowing some town centre road closures to be delayed. The roads will reopen as soon as the last runners have passed on their second lap All roads are expected to be open within two hours of the start. It is likely to be more difficult to find a parking space after 6pm on 8 July. So please come to town a little earlier than usual and use the Station Drive car park behind the Library. And do come along to enjoy what promises to be a great event.

We have had an unexpectedly long political season. That’s got in the way of routine but important transport matters in and around Ludlow. In and Out of Ludlow (IOL) will resume on Thursday evening – The Writing Room, Feathers Hotel, 5pm, 22 June. Top of the agenda will be election of a chair and vice-chair. We also need to discuss how these meetings are run, including giving adequate notice and ensuring that issues are followed through from meeting to meeting.

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