Month: August 2020

Government proposes banning parking on pavements – is it a good idea? Vote now

It’s been a long time coming. But this morning ministers have launched a consultation on banning vehicles from parking on pavements in most areas. Currently the ban only applies in London. I would welcome the ban being extended to the rest of the country. It is time to reclaim our pavements from thoughtless car and van drivers. The government’s consultation is asking for opinions on three options. Keep things as they are but clarify some technicalities in the legislation. Give civil enforcement officers working for councils the power to issue penalty charge notices where there is an obstruction. Enforce an outright ban except for emergency vehicles and loading. There is a lot of debate to be had on this topic. I’d like to know your opinions. You can vote and comment below.

Objection to Shropshire Homes application for seven dwellings on Castle View Terrace, Ludlow

This is my objection to the speculation application for seven dwellings on Castle View Terrace. The site is not allocated in the local plan and the developer’s suggestion that because it is unallocated ‘white land’, it is therefore available for development is nonsense. The proposed homes will be out of character with this terrace which should be regarded as an unlisted heritage asset. North east Ludlow lacks green space and no more should be lost. The meadow should be preserved and transferred to the community which is prepared to buy the land and retain it as open accessible space.

Council leaders worried that Shirehall will be listed by Historic England apply for immunity certificate (updated)

Without informing councillors, Shropshire Council has applied for a certificate of immunity to protect its Shirehall headquarters from being listed. Councillors only heard about this yesterday. The consultation by Historic England ends on Friday. Council leader Peter Nutting has said the decision to apply for a certificate of immunity is not controversial as the council decision in July on the future of Shirehall was quite clear. But councillors did not agree to demolish Shirehall. They agreed to stop work on the ambitious and expensive plans to remodel Shirehall and explore developing a new civic centre in Shrewsbury town centre. Demolition was not discussed. The secret move to get a certificate of immunity is typical of the current council leadership’s approach. Councillors are informed on a need to know basis and, in Peter Nutting’s opinion, most councillors don’t need to know.

Foldgate Lane development will have smaller houses and contractors will work later into the evening

The housing market is always changing. The Foldgate Lane housing scheme is limited to 137 dwellings under its planning permission. Developer Crest Nicholson has decided the current market demands smaller two or three bedroom homes. It has reduced the size of homes in the first phase of the development and increased the number of market dwellings from 14 to 21. To keep within the cap of 137 homes, the later phases will have larger homes than previously planned. Under emergency coronavirus legislation, Crest Nicholson has been given permission to work until 7.30pm on weekdays and 5pm on Saturdays. Work has yet to restart on the site following the lockdown.

Covid Watch 74: Face mask litter menace – it’s a worldwide problem and it’s getting a problem in Ludlow

Another day walking the dog. Another encounter with a discarded single-use facemask. Masks are scattered onto verges. They are dropped on roadside. Shoved into hedges. I encounter this potentially dangerous waste when walking my collie. There have been several around the Co-op on Foldgate Lane over the last couple of weeks. People leaving stores simply discard their single use masks, leaving someone else to clean up the mess. That is despite there being plenty of litter bins. I am appalled by this behaviour. Dropping litter is a horrid, antisocial habit. Face masks could be dangerous and harbour Covid-19 Dropping a face mask in a residential street could lead it being picked up by a child wanting to play with it. If a mask is dropped accidentally, its owner should pick it up. Better still people should wear reusable, washable face masks.

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