Month: January 2015

Our museum resource centre is not just for Ludlow – it’s for the world – so let’s save it from antediluvian cuts

No one was certain how many people would turn up to last Thursday morning’s meeting to discuss the cuts to the Ludlow Museum Resource Centre. The organisers had booked Oscars in the Ludlow Assembly Rooms for the meeting but this was quickly overwhelmed. The assembled company, numbering more than 180 on my count, decanted into the main theatre. Museum Resource Centre staffing is to be reduced from three people to just a half time post based in Shrewsbury from April. The person in this post will serve the MRC as well as other facilities around the county.

Asda is top preference for a new supermarket at Ludlow Rocks Green

The poll is closed and just over 400 people voted (403 votes). I am not claiming that this poll is statistically representative of the town but it does give some interesting results. And there is a very clear local preference of which retailer should move in to the supermarket, should it be built. I also report on a clue in the planning application that the anticipated retailer will be towards the discount end of the market.

Cliffe Hotel advertising banner must go – Ludlow is not a ticky-tacky town (updated)

Updated The banner has been taken down by the Cliffe after Shropshire Council set a deadline of Thursday 22 January for its removal. If it had not been removed, highways officers would have taken it down. Main article I have had a lot of correspondence about the banner that has appeared on the Grade II listed Dinham Bridge. The banner advertises the Cliffe Hotel (now known as The Cliffe at Dinham Restaurant with Rooms). If you want to put up an advertisement like this, it needs listed building consent and advertising consent. When the proprietors of the Cliffe were warned of this by Shropshire Council officers , they declined to remove the banner or to apply for consent. Shropshire Council is now looking to take enforcement action. I really support what the current proprietors of the Cliffe are trying to do as business. They are trying to turn what was a rather dull hotel into an interesting venue. But that can’t be at the expense of our precious heritage.

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