Month: November 2018

Innovative Ludlow Young Health project to launch in February 2019

Last night, Councillor Tracey Huffer announced an important project to help young people with mental health and wellbeing issues in the Ludlow area. For some time, we have been saying that if no one else will help our town, we must help ourselves. Ludlow Young Health is a project run by Ludlow Youth Partnership with the Children’s Society. Its initial aims are to provide informal drop-in advice sessions for young people (aged 0-25). We are the first market town in Shropshire to fund our own project with the Children’s Society. We are on a steep learning curve. But we have hopes that we can expand the project in the future. We are thinking big.

The housing scandal Shropshire Council is hiding – it gives most the money it gets for struggling people back to Whitehall

Shropshire Council received more than half a million pounds in funding from the ministry of housing last year. The funding was for Discretionary Housing Payments, which help those struggling to meet housing costs, including advance rent and removal bills and  people that need a top up to ensure benefits cover the rent charged. What did the council do with its £531,974 grant? It sent more than half of the money back to Whitehall. I’ll pass that by you again. Shropshire Council thinks that there is so little need for short term housing support in our county it thinks it has the luxury of sending money back to the government. It gave back £300,000 last year. Only six out of more than 300 councils in England and Wales give back a higher proportion of their grant. This scandal is hurting people in Shropshire who struggle with housing costs. Yet you won’t find any information about it on the council website.

Join us in Ludlow for the national park debate tomorrow, Thursday 29 November

Tomorrow night, Thursday, the Ludlow and Clee Local Joint Committee will be holding a public debate on the idea of seeking national park status at 7pm, Thursday 29 November. Please join us at Elim Church Hall, just off Smithfield car park in Ludlow. We will also be announcing an innovative project on tackling mental health issues among young people. Please join us. More on the national park concept: It’s time for South Shropshire be designated a national park? Should we part of a national park?

In a press release today on last week’s changes to car parking in Ludlow, Shropshire Council said: “Early indications are that the changes have had a positive impact and been well received. Initial observations indicate a noticeable shift from on-street to off-street parking — in line with the aims of the strategy – plus positive feedback from residents about the reduction in parking congestion and ability to park close to their homes.” You cannot judge a parking scheme based on a seven-day period during which the weather was often poor. A seven-day period when town centre roads were closed over the weekend for the Medieval Fayre.

New parking and permit charges in Ludlow from today (updated)

This is a summary of all the changes (I think) to car parking charges in Ludlow from this morning. Shropshire Council has made it clear there will be no leeway for people that misunderstand the new rules. Be careful about pop and shop, which is now cut to five minutes plus a ten-minute observation time. The system has also gone largely digital. The cost of residents’ permits is now £100, three times the West Midlands average of £35. Only one permit is allowed for each household and only for a vehicle registered at that address.

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