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Application submitted for the Old Street Tavern, Ludlow’s latest micro-pub

No 4 Old Street has had more changes of use than many buildings in the town centre. One the edge of the primary shopping area, just off the primary pedestrian thoroughfare from Tower Street to King Street, over the last decade or so the building has been a restaurant, a bookshop, a tattoo parlour, an off license, a florist, a micro-bar and a cocktail bar. The latest proposal from Roger Bowles is to convert the property into a micro pub which plans suggest will be called the Old Street Tavern.

Why are these homes empty asks Tracey Huffer?

Nine homes remain empty in a new development off Cold West Drive. The four-bedroom homes have been empty since August 2019 and there is no sign of them being sold and occupied any time soon. Tracey Huffer Shropshire Councillor for Ludlow East said: “I am utterly appalled that we have had nine new homes in Ludlow standing empty for nearly three years. There have been extraordinary delays at Shropshire Council and I don’t know why the council has not taken up the offer of an indemnity in case of a claim by any owner of the small strip of land which is holding up selling the houses. The houses are ready for sale. People want to buy them. One potential buyer has already had to pull out losing their deposit. “This is a disgrace when we have a housing shortage of all types in Ludlow.” Development of this site has long been troubled. The site was originally acquired for the A49 bypass and sold off when it was no longer needed. The original planning permission in 2001 was for five dwellings. In 2005, approval was granted for ten dwellings with the detailed planning permission signed off in 2008. In 2011,…

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Lengthy road closures on Temeside as Seven Trent Water tackles sewage overflows

Temeside will be closed between Old Street and the former gasworks from 6 June to 26 June. This is to allow work by Seven Trent Water (STW) to investigate the subsoil prior to a major scheme to stop sewage overflows from the sewerage works on Temeside into the Teme river Site of Special Scientific Interest. These works will involve deep trial holes to investigate the subsoil conditions and any issues with services such as gas and telecoms. At a later date it is expected that Temeside will be closed again to create greater capacity for dealing with storm overflows. These works are essential. We can’t keep flushing the stuff in our toilets into the river every time there is heavy rainfall, which is fairly normal around here. The disruption however will be significant. Temeside will be closed for three weeks. The 722 bus service will not be able to serve the stop at the bottom of Old Street. I have asked Minsterley Motors if they can reconsider this.

Barclays in Ludlow to close on August 26 leaving more than 250 customers without a local bank (updated)

Customers of Barclays have received a letter today (20 May) stating that Barclays on King St Ludlow is to close on August 26 at 12:00pm. This bank doesn’t just serve Ludlow. It caters for a very broad hinterland. Having banks is one of the things that makes Ludlow town centre tick. People come to bank and then they shop. We have already seen the loss of HSBC, which is being converted into Specsavers. With the loss of Barclays, we will be down to three banks. Lloyds, Nationwide and NatWest. How long will those survive? Banks that close their branches say people should do their transactions online. Many people, particularly older people, are not comfortable with digital technology. There are also many businesses in Ludlow that deal with cash. Barclays says cash can be paid in at the Post Office. But the Post Office service in Ludlow is very poor. The Post Office counters in our two One Stop shops, part of the Tesco Group, often closed due to lack of staff. The closure of Barclays is yet another nail in the coffin of our high streets. Ludlow town centre is resilient. It has survived the trend towards shopping online. It…

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Shropshire Council’s increase in car parking charges will hit Ludlow

Everyone is feeling the squeeze of rising food and fuel costs. The cost of electricity, gas and heating oil has soared and without action from the government, will soar further in October leading to a cold and miserable winter for many people. The Bank of England says that inflation could hit 10% this year. Yet Shropshire Council wants to increase car parking charges at the very point when people have less to spend on our high streets. Shropshire Council argues that costs must increase with inflation. I don’t buy that argument. The council has not made a case for additional funding for the car parks and the team that supports them. The largely automated system of charging for parking on streets and in car parks has reduced costs. The council should be cutting its budget not heaping more costs on shoppers, tourists and workers. Our retail and visitor economies were hit hard during the pandemic. Ludlow is bouncing back. The last thing we need is a hike in car parking charges. Shropshire Council’s consultation on the hike in charges ends this Friday, 20 May. You can comment here.

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