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Former PizzaExpress in Ludlow to revert to The George Inn in £2.2 million project

PizzaExpress, which had never been over busy in Ludlow, closed in late 2020 as the company struggled with the consequences of the pandemic. Now, Oakman Inns and Restaurants is applying to spend £2.2 million to reinstate 12 Castle Street to historic use as The George Inn public house with expanded food provision of nearly 200 covers. This is a well thought out scheme. It brings an empty building into use with a focus on drinking and food, two of Ludlow’s favourite pastimes. Current publicans may think it as a challenge, especially as it is expected to serve food in a pub environment between 2pm and 6pm and late into the evening. Our town centre has always been a place to experience as well as shop. Ludlow’s thriving market surrounded by good eating and drinking is a pleasing contrast to other towns where the town centre has been neglected as everything moved out of town.

Ludlow is running out of spaces for business – urgent action is needed

I have already written on the problems that engineering company Flowfit has had finding premises for expansion. It had hoped to move to the biodigester site but in recent weeks, Shropshire Council has ruled that out. The ground breaking biodigester closed in 2012 and has only had sporadic use since. Shropshire Council now says it will not decide on the biodigester’s future until the end of 2023, more than a decade after the facility stopped processing food waste. At least one other light engineering company was eyeing up the site. But it has now been sterilised for two and a half years. Council officers have told companies that employment land is in demand in South Shropshire. I am now asking for urgent action on providing employment land in Ludlow.

Roadworks and train delays across Ludlow and Craven Arms over the summer (updated)

Update. King Street will not be closed on 2 and 3 July. The Broadgate roadworks are expected to be completed on 5 July. It is roadworks season. Longer days. Better weather. The need to catch up after the epidemic. The Conservatives election pledge to fix the county’s potholes. Work to connect developments to the road system. Much needed maintenance of rail networks. All are contributing to a summer surge of fixing and upgrading. The Broadgate has been closed for emergency works. And it is not known when they will be complete. I have asked that King Street is not closed at the same time. There will be closures on Sheet Road and Sandpits, as well works to patch up poorly executed resurfacing on Dinham and Linney. The level crossing on Long Lane in Craven Arms will be closed for an upgrade, leading to disruption to rail services and traffic.

Green wall planned to stabilise cliff face at Fishmore Quarry housing development

Shropshire Homes has submitted new plans for stabilisation of the mudstone quarry face. The southwest section of the face will be stablished with a green wall created with wire boxes filled with granular material. A slope above the wall will protect housing on Castle View Terrace. However, the critical issue of how to stabilise the quarry face below the Castle View Terrace meadow have not yet been resolved. Previously, the top of the face was to be reprofiled with the loss of part of the meadow. The developers are still working on a solution and I fear it may still involve loss of some meadow.

Travel guru Simon Calder shouts out for Ludlow and Shropshire

Simon Calder is the Independent’s roving travel correspondent. To describe him as “dedicated follower of travel” (with apologies to the Kinks) would be an understatement. Appearing across the networks, he is on his way to becoming a modern day Alan Wicker. Want to know where to travel to? Problems with getting to your destination? Call for Simon Calder. At the weekend, he said that he expected Shropshire to do really well as lockdown is eased and is not as highly rated as it should be. He went on to describe Ludlow as an “absolute joy”. Thank you Simon. We owe you a beer or two next time you drop by.

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