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Fire cover could be lost in rural Shropshire if firefighters are not treated as frontline workers and vaccinated

Councillors in south west Shropshire are getting concerned that they could lose fire cover if firefighters are not vaccinated urgently. New rules have been introduced that require firefighters to self-isolate for ten days if they have been in contact with someone who has tested positive with Covid-19. That could decimate fire cover in rural areas of Shropshire and take out entire stations. Andy Boddington, Shropshire Councillor for Ludlow North explains: “I have been contacted by a number of retained firefighters over the last few days. They are concerned that if one member of the crew on a shout has a positive test the rest are put into self-isolation. They are concerned that Ludlow and surrounding areas may have to rely on fire crews from further afield. They say that will increase the risk to life and could increase injuries and distress. “There are 16 retained firefighters working with the full time team in Ludlow. They go out nine at time. All these firefighters could all be asked to stand down if one person at the station tests positive. “Their work has grown during the pandemic. They are being called out to help the ambulance service. They are being called out…

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DPD driver Paul Pugh to remain in Ludlow after textbook campaign

Congratulations to all those that campaigned to keep DPD driver Paul in Ludlow. It is invidious to single out individuals but the campaign was led brilliantly by Emma Elizabeth Kennet. So many others took part. Hundreds of people emailed DPD’s chief executive and chief press officer. The news came in Tuesday afternoon, DPD are to keep Paul in Ludlow. This was a textbook campaign. Short, sharp and driven on social media with hundreds of contributors. I’m impressed.

Ludlow to lose Paul our favourite courier in New Year when DPD shuffles rounds – please protest to the company

Seven years ago, who would have thought that we would see so many couriers everywhere delivering in vans and cars? But online shopping has grown. Especially this year when so many of us have been in one lockdown after another. Many of us have got to know Paul Pugh, the cheery delivery man in the red DPD van. Despite his intimate knowledge of our town and friendly service, DPD plans to move him to a round in Birmingham early next year. He is not happy and neither are we. Please protest by emailing

Harp Lane Deli applies for awning – its plans for tables and a gazebo need more discussion

One of Ludlow’s favourite delis has applied for Listed Building Consent for an awning to cover the seated area (20/05073/LBC).  Harp Lane Deli at 4 Church Street has also applied for five tables with chairs and a gazebo. The proposal is in part a response to Covid-19 restrictions. The restriction to two customers in the store at a time has damaged profitability. This is an application that is right in principle but needs further discussion on the details.

Shropshire Council gave false information on prospects for a vaccination centre for south west Shropshire – announcement of centre early next week

What nonsense we were told at Shropshire Council yesterday. Tracey Huffer and I had asked a detailed question on testing for Covid-19 and this had been answered. Our supplementary question asked what the arrangements were for a vaccination centre in south west Shropshire. Tracey led and we could not believe the answer from Councillor Dean Carroll, the portfolio holder for heath. In summary, no hope of a centre for the current vaccine. We will have to wait for the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine. Which is not yet approved. As soon as council finished, we got in touch with medical professionals. Councillor Carroll was talking utter rubbish. An announcement on vaccination centre in south west Shropshire will be made early next week. And it will be in place quickly.

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