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Shropshire Council like many councils employs bailiffs to collect council tax arrears. Bristow and Sutor are its bailiffs of choice. In recent days, the bailiffs sent out a letter to 2,622 households who are behind with council tax payments. In a staggering display of incompetence, Bristow and Sutor sent the wrong letter and threatened to take possession of people’s goods to pay the bill. The letter should have asked for financial details and invited discussions on paying. Council leader Peter Nutting was clearly outraged. He demanded a compensatory payment to charity from Bristow and Sutor to a charity. £250. Yes, just £250. Less than ten pence for each letter. £250 is just half of one per cent of the company’s pre-tax profit in 2018/19.

As we begin our first weekend in Shropshire after lockdown, what is the role of Covid-19 Marshals and a plate of crisps?

Is a Scotch egg a substantial meal in a pub? Maybe not. Serve it with chips, it might be substantial. Two pints of lager and a packet of crisps does not count. But a plate of posh crisps with sides might just be substantial meal in premises that have “class and calibre”. Shropshire and Telford and Wrekin are both in Tier 2, High Alert areas. Alcohol can only be served with a substantial meal. Who enforces these regulations? The police have a role. And step forward the new phenomenon of Covid Secure Marshalls. Covid Marshalls for short. They are called Community Reassurance Teams here in Shropshire. This article looks at the role of marshals and the new regulations on drinking establishments required to serve a substantial meal with a drink. On 9 September, Boris Johnson announced: “We will boost the enforcement capacity of local authorities by introducing COVID Secure Marshalls to help ensure social distancing in town and city centres.” Councils and the police have been since been funded to help businesses and the public to engage Covid-compliant behaviour. Shropshire Council has received £145,151. Covid Marshals are tasked with ensuring that the public socially distance, do not gather beyond the…

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Covid Watch: Call to Shropshire businesses: have you applied for your lockdown grants yet?

Shropshire Council is now running two grant schemes for businesses affected by Covid-19. The Local Restrictions Support Grant allocates money based on rateable value to non-essential retail, hospitality and personal care businesses that have been forced to close. The grant also is also available to leisure and community venues, along with sports facilities. A second grant scheme was launched yesterday. Businesses that have not been forced to close but have been severely impacted by COVID-19 can apply for a Discretionary Additional Restrictions Grant.

Shropshire Council to make most car parks free after 11am from 3 December to 17 January

This is welcome. Shropshire Council has announced that most car parks will be free over Christmas and the New Year. This will include Castle Street, Galdeford and Smithfield car parks in Ludlow. Free parking will be from 11am each day until 8am the next morning. This move aims to attract more visitors into Shropshire’s towns after the second lockdown ends on 2 December. This is a crucial time for independent traders who have had a tough year. Similarly, pubs, cafes and restaurants desperately need a boost before towns like ours enter the quiet season between New Year and Easter.

Shropshire Councillors stuck in their cars and stuck in the past refuse to #BanPavementParking

Charity Living Streets has today been promoting a national day of action against pavement parking. #BanPavementParking. Vehicles parked on the pavement are one of the blights of our modern life. Cars, HGVs, vans. All owned by drivers that feel free to block the pavement. To force pedestrians and mobility scooter users out into the traffic. Making it difficult and sometimes impossible for the pavements to be used for their main purpose. Pedestrians and people with limited mobility or sight are relegated to second class citizens. Their rights are secondary to car users, even though pavements are meant for people who are not driving. Council leaders of all parties in Shropshire have wrung their hands and said nothing much can be done. This is the true mark of a council that believes that the car drivers come first and everyone else second. Today is #BanPavementParking day. We have a long way to go. Please sign the petition. Update. The petition is now closed. More information from Living Streets.

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