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Shropshire Council was warned about the state of the Tollgate play area three months ago

A temporary repair has now been put in place for the fencing on the Tollgate play area which blew down last October. I raised the lack of repairs at Shropshire Council’s cabinet last Wednesday and was promised temporary repairs. I pressed for these to begin the next day. The temporary repairs began that afternoon and were completed Friday. Permanent repairs, however, will cost £25K according to the response I received, an outrageous amount for around 40 metres of fencing. “Quotes have been sought for permanent repairs to the play area but costs circa £25k are prohibitive in the current financial climate. It is recognised that the condition of the existing fencing is unacceptable and damaged sections will be removed, made safe and temporary repairs instigated so that children can play safely. This will be undertaken shortly.” The repairs will not cost anything like £25K according to Shropshire Council officers and […]

Shropshire Council approves hike in car parking charges – that’s not a surprise but it will damage Ludlow

Parking charges will go up in Ludlow following a decision by the Economic and Environment Overview and Scrutiny Committee not to refer the proposed increase in charges in our town back to the council’s cabinet. Charges for Wem and for Shrewsbury in the evening and on Sundays will be reconsidered by the cabinet. I spoke for Ludlow at the meeting but could not put forward a recommendation because I am not a member of the committee. It was established during the meeting that £4.3m “surplus” had been generated from parking charges in Shropshire over the last three years. I argued in my submission that that was sufficient to pay for the parking reviews and increased staffing costs the council was planning. It was stated that this “surplus” was used for the purposes within the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984. No evidence was given on where the £4.3m had actually gone […]

I am asking Shropshire Council why it has not repaired the Tollgate play area after 3 months

The state of the popular play area on Tollgate, Ludlow is a disgrace. More than three months after fencing collapsed in a storm, it still has not been repaired. Safety barriers have also been blown down. The entrance to the children’s play area is a safety hazard. Children must squeeze past the debris to get into the play area. The council is ignoring its responsibilities to protect the health and safety of children that use the play area. On Wednesday, I will be asking the council’s cabinet what safety assessments it conducts on play areas and when the Tollgate play area fencing is going to be repaired.

Licencing application for Gather at Ludlow Community Hospital approved

The news late yesterday was that at Licencing Subcommittee has approved the application for a licence to serve alcohol in Unit 2 of the former maternity unit at Ludlow Community Hospital. Many who have studied the application and got to know the project will applaud this decision. Others who remain opposed to any alcohol in this location will condemn it. The licence has extensive restrictions, agreed with Gather. They met my requests for restrictions. These are given in detail below. The main points there are restrictions on hours and a requirement for ticketed member or member events. This is the right decision for East Hamlet, one of the most socially deprived areas in Shropshire and among the 10% most socially deprived areas of England. At last, we have investment in an area of town that has been neglected.

Town Council town walls statement tells us little other than the delays to repairs will continue

On 18 February, it will be eleven years since a section of the town walls bounding St Laurence’s churchyard collapsed. Some maintenance has been done to prevent further decay. Consultants have reported on the work needed to repair the scheduled monument to a heritage standard. Archaeological surveys have been conducted. Beyond that, years have passed by without the repairs beginning. Yesterday, Ludlow Town Council issued a statement on progress on repairing the walls. This tells us little beyond the statement it made in April 2022, except that it is once again engaged in a legal argument on who is responsible for the repairs. The Diocese of Hereford does not have responsibility. Closed graveyards become the responsibility of the local authority. Ludlow Town Council has always been reluctant to take on responsibility for the repairs. For the last seven years, the town council has accepted responsibility for “leading on the repairs” […]

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