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Shropshire Council’s dog control order needs improvement – this is my draft response

I strongly support Shropshire Council’s efforts to clamp down on cleaning up dog fouling. But the current proposals need a lot of improvement. In particular, the plan to fine dog walkers if their dog defecates in a public place are draconian and unworkable. I am concerned that the council is creating grey areas where people will be uncertain about the rules. The proposals would have benefited from detailed scrutiny before being issued for consultation. This is my draft response. Dozens of people have already provided me with feedback. I’d welcome more comments before I submit my final response. I would urge all dog owners and dog lovers submit their own response before the 21 December deadline. If you are a visitor who brings your dog to Ludlow or anywhere else in Shropshire, you should also respond. Respond here… Owner or walker? The consultation refers at several points to dog owner […]

Shropshire Council is consulting on fines for dog owners whose dogs poo in a public place

The council is consulting on the most draconian anti-dog rules in Britain. One of the most punitive rules being proposed is to fine dog owners if their dogs poops anywhere that the public can access, even if the public pay to access the land, even if it is cleared up. There is a welcome prospect of dog owners being fined if they don’t clear up poop. Shropshire Council has had these powers since 2013 but it hasn’t used them more than a few times. The proposed Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) will extend the power of issuing a fixed penalty notice (FPN) to a wider range of council officers and the police. The council also plans to insist that dogs being walked on the highway are on a lead no longer than one metre. That’s difficult if you own a large dog. Given our experience of parking fines, we can […]

Is Shropshire Council planning to force dogs to wear nappies in public?

Update 18 October. The council’s cabinet voted to consult on banning dogs from pooing in public along with the rest of the measure. Difficult dogs off a lead and dog fouling are persistent problems. Dog fouling is a particular issue at this time of year with the dark nights. Shropshire Council is planning to crack down on this anti-social behaviour. The council is planning to apply for a Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) covering the entire county. This extends a current order and provides for better enforcement. This is a welcome move though those that walk their dog off lead many not be so happy. The draconian part of the proposed order is that it will prohibit dog fouling in a public space. So even if dog owners clear the mess up, they could be fined for allowing their dog to poop in public. This proposal is obviously unworkable. Shropshire […]

Pyrolysis plant approved for Shropshire – I hope it can come to Ludlow

There was a lively debate in the council chamber on Thursday about Shropshire Council’s proposal for pyrolysis  plant. This will be located either in Ludlow, Bridgnorth – or Battlefield in Shrewsbury. The proposal, which will cost around £2 million was approved. A handful of councillors wanted to delay approval because they said there had not been sufficient consultation with members in the southwest and Ludlow Town Council. I agree that councillors could have been better briefed. I was though disappointed by councillors complaining and not wanting to grasp the opportunity. We are in a competition against Bridgnorth and Shrewsbury to get the facility located here. We need to grab the opportunity. The Lib Dems put forward a proposal to delay any decision until the December council meeting. I could not for vote for that. The time to tackle the climate emergency is now. The time to grab the jobs in […]

Ludlow on shortlist for biochar processing centre on Coder Road

On Thursday 21 September, Shropshire Council is expected to approve plans for a pyrolysis plant in Shropshire. This a plant that heats carbon waste from farming and forestry and creates biochar which stores carbon. Biochar can be used to improve the quality of soil increasing crop yields. A £2million plant in Shropshire would be the first to be owned by a local authority cementing (if that’s the right word) its commitment to tackling climate change. Shropshire Council is considering three locations for the pyrolysis plant: the former highways depot at Cantern Brook, Bridgnorth; Battlefield in Shrewsbury; and the former biodigester site at Coder Road Ludlow. You will not be surprised to hear that myself and fellow councillors are backing Coder Road. It is an ideal location. Ludlow is surrounded by farming and forestry which will produce the feedstuff. There is space for a pyrolysis plant at Coder Road which is […]

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