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Shropshire Council Community Tree Scheme opens with 10,000 free trees – apply quickly (scheme closed)

Update. The scheme has now closed for this year due to unprecedented demand which saw all 10,000 trees requested during a matter of hours. Shropshire Council has launched its community tree scheme for 2020/21. It is getting quite late in the year so the scheme has been simplified. People and groups can apply for up to ten bundles, each of twenty trees. Four types of bundles are available: lowland woodland mix; upland woodland mix; wet woodland mix; and native hedgerow mix. There is a provisional closing date for the scheme of 14th December 2020. However, applications are processed on a first come first served basis and but the scheme may close earlier if all the available trees are allocated. The tree scheme is part of Shropshire Council’s ambition to plant a tree for every resident by 2050 – a minimum of 350,000 trees.

Weekend for wellies and brollies as Ludlow and the Marches get Amber Warning for Storm Alex rain (updated with New Road info)

The Meteorological Office, the Met Office to you and me, has issued an Amber Warning for rain along the Marches from midday tomorrow, Saturday. We are used to rain here. There has been a Yellow Warning for rain in place since yesterday. And you don’t need a warning to know it is wet out there. Today’s Amber Warning is more serious. We are promised a deluge of rain from midday Saturday until 6am on Sunday. At the moment river levels are low for the time of year so we are not yet expecting flooding from the Corve and Teme. But we all know how unpredictable these rivers can be, especially if drains back up into the streets. I have asked Shropshire Council to drop sandbags in Lower Corve Street and Temeside as a precaution.

Shropshire Council is to relaunch its free community tree scheme

A year ago, I presented a motion to Shropshire Council calling for a county tree bank. The motion was carried. The idea was to seek a modest financial contribution from everyone who had to remove a tree but could not replace it. This would purchase trees to be given to suitable homes. The motion also asked the council to plant at least one tree for every resident by 2050 – a minimum of 350,000 trees. During the debate, councillors bemoaned the loss of the council’s popular community tree scheme, which had been dropped due to budget cuts. Now the scheme is coming back though in a different form this year. The council aims to plant 12,500 trees in copses and small areas of native woodland, and existing hedgerows to enhance the landscape and for wildlife value. Details of how to apply are not yet available.

Lamppost saves Ludlow tree from felling for CCTV camera

Update: Ludlow Town Council has agreed to move the camera to the adjacent lamppost. A couple of weeks ago, Ludlow Town Council proposed removing a good looking and healthy Whitebeam from Station Drive, just opposite the GP surgery. The reason was that it grown into a semi-mature tree and was obscuring the vision of a CCTV camera. After some confusion, and objections from town councillors, myself and Tracey Huffer, the county arboriculturalist said he was minded to issue a tree preservation order to protect “a well-established, early mature tree growing in an appropriate space (biologically speaking) in an urban environment.” In the end the solution was simple. Put the CCTV camera on Station Drive on the adjacent lamppost. A final decision will be made by the town council on Monday 7 September. Councillors should also call for a comprehensive planting plan for the narrow strip of land between Station Drive and the Galdeford car park.

Letter on felling of tree on Station Drive, Ludlow from Andy Boddington and Tracey Huffer

Update Councillors have rejected the felling of the tree, saying they could not justify ordering the removal of a tree while criticising others for doing the same. Initially, the camera will not be turned on until a solution is found. Main article Sent to Shropshire Council and Ludlow Town Council today. We write to object to Ludlow Town Council’s plans to fell a tree between Station Drive and Galdeford car park. We are surprised that this matter hadn’t been raised earlier. CCTV contractors are due to begin on site less than two weeks from now. The CCTV upgrade project has been in discussion since at least 2016 and funding has been in place for at least a year. Shropshire Council should not feel pressured into making a hasty decision because the request from Ludlow Town Council has come late in the process. Shropshire Council should make the right decision and in our view that should be to retain the tree.

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