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Local Elections 2021 – The results for Ludlow and Clee and Ludlow Town Council

I am a bit late on this post due to other commitments. But you will probably have heard by now that all four of us, Viv Parry, Tracey Huffer, Richard Huffer and myself have retained our seats on Shropshire Council. Looking at the countywide picture, we look like an oasis of calmness as the Conservatives take a battering across the county and the Greens storm Oswestry. There was a big turnout for the one contested seat for Ludlow Town Council. A new face won more than 50% of the votes. It is pretty much all change at Shrewsbury and Oswestry town councils from today. But in Ludlow, we drift on without the renewal which is essential to the health of local democracy. We need contested elections to test the strength of the existing councillor body. Otherwise, we get councillors we did not and could not vote for and then complain!

Local Elections 2021: The county results – Nutting dismissed & opposition parties gain but fail to win control

Elections can be thrilling, exhausting and disappointing all at once. That was certainly the case in the Shropshire Council elections last Thursday. Council leader Peter Nutting, the man who put Shrewsbury first in everything, was thrown off Shropshire Council and Shrewsbury Town Council. The Conservatives gained 11% more seats across England with the Boris Bounce but in Shropshire they lost 12% of their seats. For the first time, the Green Party showed strength across the county, taking four seats. Labour gained one seat and the Lib Dems two. There could not be a clearer message. Whatever is happening elsewhere in the country, the Shropshire Tories are unpopular in this county and they are failing our county.

Local Elections 2021 – Shropshire council leader Peter Nutting voted out, Lib Dems march in to Copthorne!!!

March the bands. Bang the drums. Sound the trumpets. The Conservative leader of Shropshire Council has lost his seat to a wannabe Lib Dem councillor by a mile. The feedback on the streets of Copthorne in Shrewsbury for Rob Wilson, the Lib Dem candidate has been strong for weeks. And tonight, it has been confirmed. Rob has won the Copthorne Division in Shrewsbury by 519 votes. We done Rob! Welcome to what looks like being a very different Shropshire Council. I hope…. Peter Nutting, who has led Shropshire Council since May 2017 has been retired by the electorate. Thank you voters. You have done the county a service.

Local Elections 2021: Greens take Oswestry South from Conservatives and make a good showing in Corvedale

The Green Party is making a good showing locally and nationally. It has picked up around 40 new seats across England so far, with around half of councils declared. Here is Shropshire, the Greens look to gain two seats. Conservative held Oswestry South was taken by the Greens tonight. Julian Dean looks set to retain his Porthill seat. There will be more updates as the results come in over the 24 hours or so, with all results for Ludlow and Clee due to be declared tomorrow (Saturday).

Local Elections 2021: A record number of candidates standing in Shropshire on 6 May

With 232 candidates standing for 74 Shropshire Council seats, twenty more candidates than in 2017, the elections on 6 May are looking to be lively. On the right there are two councillors each for UKIP and Reform UK. The Conservatives are fielding a candidate for all 74 seats. Next up are us Lib Dems with 57 candidates, the highest number we have fielded over the last three elections. The Greens and Labour also have a record number of candidates, 41 each. Fifteen independents will also stand.

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