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Bromfield to get mobile post office on Thursdays after current post office closes at the end of month

Bromfield Post Office is to close at the end of the month. Thanks to the hard work of the Bromfield parish council clerk, it will be replaced by a temporary mobile service on Thursday mornings. This will also be on the Food Centre site. This is good news for Bromfield and those that travel from surrounding parishes to use the popular post office. The post office will be open on Thursdays only, between 10am and 12pm midday.

Post Office consults on “temporary” Bromfield post office closure – parish council exploring options

Post Office Limited has launched a consultation on the closure of Bromfield Post Office which is to close on Monday 31 August. The Post Office is being closed because it is loss making at a time of dwindling margins due to the Covid-19 epidemic. The Post Office would not fund moving the facility into the Food Centre. The consultation letter (FAQ) insists that the closure is temporary but gives no information on what moves the Post Office is making to ensure continuity or reinstate services at Bromfield. The consultation closes on 31 August. Email: A working group set up by Bromfield Parish Council is making enquiries about setting up an outreach service to serve residents for a few hours a week.

Urgent parish council meeting to discuss closure of Bromfield Post Office and Village Store (updated)

The location of the online meeting has been moved to More information here. As I reported on Friday, Bromfield Post Office and Village Store is to close at the end of August. This doesn’t just affect Bromfield. Emails and calls to over the last few days have demonstrated how important this rural post office is to the area between Ludlow and Craven Arms. We need to have a democratic debate about the closure. We need to examine whether the current services can be maintained, which seems unlikely, or replaced by an outreach service. A post office a few hours a week. Two days a week? One day? We need to debate that. This is the most important community issue for Bromfield since the Food Centre was built. That’s why I have asked for an urgent meeting of Bromfield Parish Council on 14 July. We have asked Ludlow Farmshop if a representative can attend to ensure we understand the pressures it faces. We would like as many people who use Bromfield Post Office and Village Store to attend also. There will be more details before the meeting. We don’t meet in the physical world during the Covid-19 emergency. But you…

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Bromfield Post Office and Village Shop to close from the end of August – we need to think of alternative provision

Ludlow Farmshop has announced that Bromfield Post Office & Village Shop will close permanently on 31 August 2020. This is a big loss to Bromfield parish, whose residents have benefited from the convenience of a local store, along with postal and banking facilities. But the operation has been loss making for several years. Those losses, funded by the Earl of Plymouth trustees, have increased. Covid-19 has been the final blow. With the temporary closure of The Clive and Ludlow Kitchen, and reduced trade on these reopening, no more losses can be sustained. It is expected that post office staff will be transferred to other parts of the business. I don’t think we should give up on a post office service in Bromfield. The parish has an elderly population and many rely on the shop for newspapers and groceries, as well as post office services. Commenting as Shropshire Councillor for the parish and chair of the parish council, I think we should explore options for a post office service for at least a few hours a week in Bromfield.

Tomorrow and Tuesday are black bin days in Ludlow. Veolia operatives wear gloves and won’t come into skin contact with recyclables or residual black bin waste. However, Public Health England has issued specific advice on waste if you are self-isolating, regardless of whether you have a diagnosis of Covid-19 or not. Shropshire Council has confirmed that it will operate waste and recycling operations in accordance with these guidelines. You might also want to ensure your bin handles are cleaned before collection. In these unusual times, we should be both good and careful and follow guidelines as they are issued.

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