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Barclays in Ludlow to close on August 26 leaving more than 250 customers without a local bank (updated)

Customers of Barclays have received a letter today (20 May) stating that Barclays on King St Ludlow is to close on August 26 at 12:00pm. This bank doesn’t just serve Ludlow. It caters for a very broad hinterland. Having banks is one of the things that makes Ludlow town centre tick. People come to bank and then they shop. We have already seen the loss of HSBC, which is being converted into Specsavers. With the loss of Barclays, we will be down to three banks. Lloyds, Nationwide and NatWest. How long will those survive? Banks that close their branches say people should do their transactions online. Many people, particularly older people, are not comfortable with digital technology. There are also many businesses in Ludlow that deal with cash. Barclays says cash can be paid in at the Post Office. But the Post Office service in Ludlow is very poor. The Post Office counters in our two One Stop shops, part of the Tesco Group, often closed due to lack of staff. The closure of Barclays is yet another nail in the coffin of our high streets. Ludlow town centre is resilient. It has survived the trend towards shopping online. It…

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Golden Moments threatened with closure (corrected post)

After more than 20 years on Broad Street in Ludlow, Golden Moments is threatened with closure. An application has been submitted to convert the property into a house (22/01790/FUL; 22/01791/LBC). The application is from a neighbour, who owns the freehold on Golden Moments and town house next door. He wishes to return the streetscene “to a more quiet residential setting”. I am appalled by this application. Golden Moments is a popular venue. That does of course mean there will sometimes be noise of people arriving and leaving but it is not a raucous establishment. I can’t recall a complaint about noise or behaviour. What we can’t have is a town centre that takes a vow of silence at 6pm. Town centres should bustling places. They should have places to eat. Places to meet friends. Places to laugh. Places to enjoy good food. This type of application though which a property owner and neighbour seeks to change the character of the neighbourhood and destroy a successful business is unwelcome in Ludlow. I will be opposing it at every stage.

Clarifying Ludlow buses serving the Parys Road area

No change! The 722 service is continuing to serve passengers on Tollgate Road and Parys Road every hour as it has done for a long while. However, an article in the Local Ludlow magazine which has been dropped off at homes in the area during the last few days states: “Minsterley Motors have changed the route of the 701 and 722 without consulting anyone. They now drive straight into town without going down Pary’s [sic] Road without a bus service.” I need to put the record straight. The route hasn’t changed without “consulting anyone”. The timetable and routing remains as it has been for the last few years.

Recycling bins to rolled out in May – book yours now

Shropshire councillors agreed on Thursday to spend nearly £3 million on new 240 litre wheelie bins to be distributed to households across Shropshire, beginning in South Shropshire in May. These need to be booked online or by ringing 0345 678 9007. This is an overdue move. Myself and fellow councillors have been pressing for wheelie bins for recycling for years. We wanted to prevent the frequent wind blow of plastics from open tubs onto our streets. There are other benefits from having wheelie bins. They are easier to manoeuvre. The recycling operatives will no longer have to empty tubs into wheelie bins before loading the recycling into the crusher. And they will encourage greater recycling at a time when local recycling rates are falling. If people can’t accommodate a wheelie bin or would prefer to keep the black tubs that’s fine. Shropshire Council also won’t be taking back the existing tubs, so you can use them for other storage or garden jobs. Or take them to a Household Recycling Centre.

Changing Ludlow – Sainsbury’s, Greggs and much more housing

Is the biggest news in town the opening of Sainsbury’s on 30 November? Or is it the arrival of Greggs on King Street? Or the current construction of 400 new houses around the town with a few hundred more to come before the decade is out? As everyone can see, out town is changing. After a couple of decades during there has been little expansion to our town, development is going ahead with gusto. The developments bring benefits including more retail and much needed new housing but will also increase the pressure on our roads and the increase strain on services. Yet, we have no plans for how to manage this over the next few decades. Will these developments also change the character of our town? Or will we welcome absorb the new developments, the new people and new shops?

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