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Plans to convert Golden Moments into a townhouse approved

The Southern Planning Committee this afternoon approved plans to convert No 50 Broad Street, which has the Golden Moments restaurant on its ground floor, into a town house. The vote was near unanimous with one councillor abstaining. Most committee members were enthusiastic about the proposal. Councillors thought it would be better as a town house, including Viv Parry who said: “I really want this to go back to a residential house”. This decision is damaging to the retail and economic health of the town centre. It is the first time the Southern Planning Committee has made a decision that could close a legitimate business. But planning committee members had no regard for the popularity of the venue, or the fact it had been there for two decades. They had a chocolate box view of what Broad Street should look like and Golden Moments didn’t fit in to that.

Why we are set to get more solar farms around Ludlow

There is a feeling that it is a new gold rush. In reality the current suite of planning applications for solar farms east and south east of Ludlow is being driven by farmers seeking a more secure income in turbulent times, the pressing need to reduce CO2 emission from electricity generation as part of the UK’s net zero commitment and the opportunities for to connect solar farms to the national grid. There is currently one solar farm east of Ludlow suppling the national grid. Another four are at different stages of the planning system. They may not be the last applications we will see in this area. Why so many in this area? The straightforward answer is that there is capacity to connect to the national power grid through Squirrel Lane Substation.

Plans for solar farm at Brick House Farm, Greete published

Plans have been published for a solar farm at Brick House Farm, Grete (22/02565/FUL). The 54-hectare solar farm would have a capacity of around 49.9 MW, generating enough renewable energy to meet the annual electricity needs of approximately 15,000 homes. The developer, Bluefield, expects to begin construction of the site in 2023 if it gains approval from Shropshire Council. Bluefield says the Greete site was chosen for its seclusion, relatively poor soil quality and access to the grid. The proposal includes biodiversity and landscape enhancement measures, including hedgerow planting and filling gaps in existing hedgerows. Sheep may also be grazed underneath the solar panels. The project is expected to contribute about £10 million in business rates to Shropshire Council over 40 years. A community fund of about £150k will be established to invest in local projects and initiatives.

Why are these homes empty asks Tracey Huffer?

Nine homes remain empty in a new development off Cold West Drive. The four-bedroom homes have been empty since August 2019 and there is no sign of them being sold and occupied any time soon. Tracey Huffer Shropshire Councillor for Ludlow East said: “I am utterly appalled that we have had nine new homes in Ludlow standing empty for nearly three years. There have been extraordinary delays at Shropshire Council and I don’t know why the council has not taken up the offer of an indemnity in case of a claim by any owner of the small strip of land which is holding up selling the houses. The houses are ready for sale. People want to buy them. One potential buyer has already had to pull out losing their deposit. “This is a disgrace when we have a housing shortage of all types in Ludlow.” Development of this site has long been troubled. The site was originally acquired for the A49 bypass and sold off when it was no longer needed. The original planning permission in 2001 was for five dwellings. In 2005, approval was granted for ten dwellings with the detailed planning permission signed off in 2008. In 2011,…

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Planning application published for 12MW Ledwyche Solar Farm

A planning application has been lodged for a solar farm on Squirrel Lane, on the opposite side of the road from the current solar farm (22/02151/FUL). The solar farm will have a capacity of up to 12MW and will be in place for forty years. This scheme has been well thought through and has been discussed with local residents. There will be wildlife enhances and hedgerow screening. But it will be an intrusion of steel and glass in the landscape. This application, which is in Richard Huffer’s Clee division, may come to the Southern Planning Committee for a decision so I am not expressing a view at this stage. By coincidence, MPs will be holding a debate on solar farms and battery storage on Wednesday 8 June.

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