Month: June 2016

A survey released this morning by Passenger Focus, the independent transport user watchdog, shows the performance of Arriva Wales has declined markedly in the past year. Arriva Wales is the only train service through Ludlow and many of us rely on it. The watchdog’s data record changes in satisfaction of users of the train service between Spring 2015 to Spring 2016. Nearly a thousand Arriva Wales customers were surveyed. They said their satisfaction: Overall, is down by 7% Punctuality and reliability, down by 10% Stations, down 2% The way the company deals with delays, down 7%.

Telephone Preference Service scammer tried to grab my bank details. Let’s warn others

Last Friday, there were other things on my mind after the Brexit referendum vote. I was asleep in the easy chair when the first call came in at around 10.30am in the morning. I heard the phone ring and decided that sleep was more important. After all, I had been up all night watching the future of the UK unfold. When I woke, I acted as most of us do. I checked my media. Did I miss phones calls? Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp? Emails? I found that the call I had slept through had come from 020 319 1569. Could it be the national media? Of even an offer of some work. That’s always useful. I googled the number. There are many sites out there tracking fraudulent and abusive phone calls. This search made it clear that the call was from a Telephone Preference Service scammer. I fear that vulnerable people could fall for this very persistent scam.

The article below was published on Liberal Democrat Voice earlier today. Lib Dem Voice is the main forum where everyone from day-old members to party leaders expresses their hopes and angst for the future of an open, tolerant society. Love or hate the referendum decision, we now need to get on with the delivering what the electorate voted for. Few people, if any, think that in leaving the EU, we should withdraw from the world. I believe the Lib Dems now have a key role to play. We are internationalists and Europeans. It goes with the territory of liberal thinking. We need be the steadying, wise voice for Britain in a post-EU age.

The result is clear in Shropshire. On a 77% turnout, 57% of the voters in this county said we should leave. That bigger than the UK trend, where leave has 52% with some areas still to declare as I publish this at 5.35am. I don’t like the result. But it’s a democratic result and a result for democracy. People voted yesterday who had not voted before or very rarely voted. That’s a significant win. The worst thing that can happen now is that we hurt ourselves. George Osborne promised an emergency austerity budget if we voted out. If that comes true, we will damage our economy and support for vulnerable people in our country. I also fear with Scotland voting in, and England and Wales voting out, we are now a deeply divided country. I worry too that younger people voted in but older people voted out. It’s the young people that will have to live with this decision.

Look at this photograph of a great pub in Ludlow – Do you see what I saw?

I was walking back from a council meeting in the Guildhall. As always I was taking snapshots to build up my picture library. The Rose and Crown reopens on 18 July at 11am. It will be run by Gary and Carlos. I am convinced it will be great pub. The hanging sign is up. This evening I took a photo for a future blog post. I have every intention of being the first in the queue when the pub reopens – though council duties may sadly get in the way. But back to the photograph. Here it is. Do you see what I saw when I tapped the shutter button on my mobile phone?

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