Month: March 2018

I felt physically ill when I sat down at Shropshire Council’s Performance Management Scrutiny Committee last Wednesday. We were there to yet again to argue against a damaging rise in parking charges in Ludlow from next September. It was the second time the matter had come to scrutiny. The last meeting looked like a stitch up. I knew the moment that I walked in at this meeting we were due a repeat. And it proved to be so. We are get charges until 8pm on the streets in the town centre and they will be set at £1.80 an hour, the highest outside Shrewsbury. There is no justification for this.

Shropshire has been awarded more than £300 million in capital funding by the Department of Health to modernise its services. Tracey Huffer, Shropshire Councillor for Ludlow East and a Ludlow nurse, welcomed the news. “This is great news and so overdue. It will allow the county’s NHS services to be modernised. But this money should not be used as an excuse to centralise services in Shrewsbury and Telford at the expense of rural services and community hospitals.

Update 29 March 2018 I met Shropshire Council’s Transport Commissioning Manager for Passenger Transport yesterday afternoon to discuss the future of the Ludlow to Kidderminster bus service. He was as perplexed by the events surrounding a replacement service for the 2L as anyone but gave assurances that a peak hour service will operate between Ludlow and Cleobury come what may.

Dealing with emergencies in Ludlow – we need to ensure our community is prepared

Snow, flood, fire. They are the obvious emergencies that have and could occur again in Ludlow. There is the unexpected too. A coach or rail crash. A bridge demolished. There are also the things we tend not to think about. A flu pandemic. A shutdown of the countryside due to disease in livestock. Disruption of food supply chains. Loss of power. The whole point of emergency planning, contingency planning, call it what you will, is that we must be prepared for routine events and exceptional events. That means local preparation as well as working alongside the blue light services and Shropshire Council.

Rocks Green homes get approved amid controversy over affordable housing and stalling on a 20mph speed limit (updated)

Update 8 April 2018 Pickstock Homes has changed the site plan to deliver 10 affordable homes (14%) in the first phase of 72 homes (17/05189/FUL). It argues that to provide 11 homes, the 15% agreed by the South Planning Committee, “would require alterations to the considered layout in respect of changing semi-detached units and altering the dwelling arrangement.” I think what it means is that it doesn’t want to create a semi-detached house with one half being affordable and one being full market. Shropshire Council’s planners have agreed to press Pickstock for the full 15% of affordable homes.

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