Month: October 2017

Shropshire Council has published its draft plans for development in Shropshire up to 2036. In its consultation on preferred scale and distribution of development, the council is proposing that 28,750 dwellings are built between now and 2036. Ludlow will be expected to provide 1,000 new homes over that period, a build rate of 50 homes a year, along with space for an additional 11 jobs a year for the growing population (other jobs will be created in existing employment space). We will only need to find land for an additional 146 homes because large unplanned developments have been approved at Foldgate Lane and Bromfield Road, and hundreds more are at various stages of planning. Our problem in Ludlow is that we can’t get homes built.

The Assembly Rooms are only one item on Ludlow Town Council’s agenda tomorrow. But it is one of the most important. Shropshire Council leader Peter Nutting will tell us about the future of our community and arts venue. He will also speak on the county’s economic strategy. I for one don’t know what that strategy does for Ludlow. Of more immediate interest to many people in the town, he will describe his vision for the future of the Assembly Rooms. The meeting is at 7pm tomorrow in the Guildhall.

Ludlow council to restrict parking in the market area

There is little doubt that parking in the heart of the town centre is a mess. In the evenings and on Tuesdays, people park carelessly, some legally, many illegally. There is perpetual confusion about where the highway begins and ends and who owns which bit of market and castle squares. Various schemes have been put forward to resolve this, but fines are still being slapped on cars. On Monday, the town council is to discuss a new plan for restricting waiting in Castle Square and Market Square (paperwork). The restrictions might apply during the daytime only or 24-hours a day.

Should Ludlow become a 20mph town?

It is time to slow down the pace of driving in our town. A couple of weeks ago, I went to a conference in Shrewsbury on 20mph speed limits. I was spurred to attend by our very active campaign by local green group, Ludlow 21. Its members want all residential streets in Ludlow to be 20mph. According to a survey of nearly 500 people, four-fifths of residents want a town-wide 20mph limit on local streets. Even more want a 20mph limit on their streets.

Are all fly-tipping incidents in Shropshire being reported? Probably not

Fly-tipping in Shropshire was down a little last year but the overall trend is no change. Over the last five years, reported incidents have averaged 1,400 a year, mostly on the highways and mostly domestic rubbish. Over the same period, Shropshire Council spend £500,000 cleaning up and taking action. There were only two prosecutions and twelve fixed penalty notices. More than 300 warning letters were issued. Thousands of perpetrators went unidentified or didn’t face action. I am not convinced that the official data records anywhere near the number of incidents that occur on private land, especially agricultural land.

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