Month: August 2018

In mid-August Shropshire Council launched yet another consultation on the new parking regime. As is normal these days, the council decided not to announce the consultation, just put it on a back page of its website. The council’s plans to double the cost of a resident parking permit to £100 a year. Each household will only be allowed one permit.

Trends in local crime: Clun is one of the quietest places under the sun and Oswestry is the county’s crime hotspot

Recent press headlines screamed that some crime is rising nationally, especially violent crime. What is the situation in our neighbourhood and county? We are overall a low crime county. But we have hotspots. Ludlow is mid-ranking on the crime scale with the northern towns experiencing higher crime rates, especially in their central districts. Deeply rural towns like Church Stretton and Clun are so much quieter. Reported crime is increasing at half the rate in Ludlow compared to Shropshire as a whole, and at just a quarter of the national rate. Any level crime is unwelcome and there are some troublesome hotspots around the county. But overall, Ludlow and Shropshire remain safe places to live.

Ludlow Art Mural Project picks up pace as themes develop

This is a brief update on the mural project. We have agreed an outline design. The project artists are brainstorming detailed designs. We have a great team of artists working on this project. It is not an exclusive project, so if you want to join the team, contact us through our Facebook page. We are holding last meeting in the Blue Boar at 11.15am on Saturday, 1 September. Please join us if you can. There is still a lot to sort out!

Shropshire Council is withdrawing support for the county’s rural communities (updated)

The council customer service point in Ludlow Library is open four days a week. But plans are afoot to reduce its opening to two days a week, Tuesday and Friday. This will mean that vulnerable people will find it harder to access support and get referrals to the food bank. Age Concern told the Shropshire Star that the countywide cuts will be a serious blow for the elderly. Other cuts to community support are on the way. Shropshire Council is no longer interested in supporting the rural communities in our county.

Oswestry and Shrewsbury get most of Shropshire Council’s investment cash – Ludlow gets a few crumbs

Numbers dug out by a Bridgnorth resident reveal that the north of the county gets the lion’s share of Shropshire Council’s capital investment. The spend per head in Shrewsbury, Oswestry and Market Drayton is ten times as high as in Ludlow. We get barely more than a quarter of the money that goes to Bridgnorth. Ludlow has gained just 1% of the capital spend across the county. This is not for want of trying. In May, us unitary councillors submitted a proposal for investment in Ludlow to Shropshire Council leader Peter Nutting. Three months later he has still not found time to come to our town to discuss it.

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