Month: April 2019

Shropshire Council to review policy for high street A-Boards

At the end of last year, Shropshire Council came up with proposals to strictly control the way businesses place A-Boards outside their premises and sometimes much further away. A minority of A-Boards are placed carelessly and are an impediment to the partially sighted and mobility impaired. The council proposals were rejected as over the top by the Place Overview committee. Now Shropshire Council is asking town and parish councils their views. I am surprised that it is not also asking traders but I would suggest that any traders with concerns should respond either to their local council or directly to Shropshire Council. Details are in the briefing note below.

Everyone is furious. Spencer Manufacturing in Ludlow has felled several trees this morning. There was no necessity for this. A beautiful cherry tree now lies in chunks. I am not suggesting that the site owners or the landscape company have acted illegally. But we must stop stripping the green out of our environment. We will become extinct if the bugs and beasties that support the ecosystem have nowhere to live. Trees are a fundamental part of our contract with the natural world. They absorb the greenhouse gas CO2 and give us life maintaining oxygen in return. We lose trees because they age. We lose trees because we need to build. We should never lose trees unnecessarily as we have today.

New plans submitted for T-Junction on A49 for Foldgate Lane housing development

Crest Nicholson has submitted a planning application to create an access from the A49 to the proposed development of 137 homes at Foldgate Lane. To meet national road safety guidelines, the A49 must be widened by 1.7 metres to accommodate a ghost island for traffic turning right into the development. An extensive visibility splay is needed for traffic leaving the site. The main casualty of this is more than 100 young-mature and semi-mature trees. There is a plan in place for replacement trees but these will take some time to mature, during which time at least a dozen homes will suffer undesirable traffic noise and air pollution. Any tree removal is likely to be controversial in the current febrile debate about the growing practice of hedge netting. If this development is to go ahead, and many people wish it would not, it seems there is no other option other than removal of the trees. But that must not happen until the nesting season ends.

Bird netting at Rocks Green in Ludlow ripped away – a bad move ahead of a planned protest

The green netting put in place to prevent birds nesting at Rocks Green has been pulled away. This was not an act by the developer or the landowner. It was an action by eco-protesters. But this is a stupid way of protesting. A demonstration was organised next Sunday against this scheme and in support of the growing national campaign against hedge netting. But there is no longer a backdrop to the banners. The media are now unlikely to turn out. The developer has confirmed that new netting will not be reinstalled. I don’t approve of netting except under the most strictly regulated circumstances. Those regulations don’t yet exist and I have asked Ludlow’s MP Philip Dunne to attend a debate in Parliament to insist on better controls.

Petition against hedge netting passes 200,000 signatures. Ludlow protest planned. RSPB takes tough stance against netting. Please write to your MP

Last night, the petition against the growing practice of netting hedges and trees to prevent birds nesting passed 200,000 signatures. It is still growing. Campaigners are to meet to protest against the hedge netting at Rocks Green at 11am on Sunday 14 April, SY8 2DS. More than 6,000 people have joined the Facebook group, Nesting not Netting! Ecologists and the RSPB have issued a new statement advising against netting and, should it be deemed necessary, for inspections every three hours. I have written to Ludlow’s MP Philip Dunne asking him to act and attend the forthcoming debate in parliament.

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