Month: July 2018

Your questions answered on the new parking regime in Ludlow

On Wednesday, we gained two major concessions on the new parking regime in Ludlow. Parking charges will only apply until 6pm, not 8pm in the town centre. The current system of reduced parking charges for market traders will continue. We also gained the promise of two reviews into the impact of the changes, one after six months and the second after 12 months. We have spent an entire year fighting for a parking regime that works for Ludlow. We have only got half way there. And there is so much more to do.

Ludlow gets concessions on car parking – it is a score draw only half worth cheering

Well done everyone. Today, we got concessions on proposed car parking charges. We got movement on key issues. But it’s a score draw – two all. This follows a year of campaigning by traders, councillors and residents. Plans to charge for on-street parking in the town centre after 6pm have been abandoned. Traders will be allowed to park their vans in Castle Street rather than having to take them to Smithfield to the Linney. Two goals up to us. On-street charges will soar up in the town centre Red Zone. The free pop and shop period will be all but scrapped. Two goals down.

Huge turnout for Ludlow parking protest last night – now Shropshire Council must deliver

Thanks everyone for turning our last night. More than two hundred people crammed into the market square for a protest organised by the Chamber of Commerce. There were a huge variety of banners but they gave a consistent message. It’s time for Shirehall to listen to us about parking charges. At 12.30am today, Shropshire Council’s cabinet will meet to finalise the new parking charge regime. Councillor Peter Nutting will be in the chair. I hope he will hear the message from Ludlow and clear. DON’T KILL OUR TOWN CENTRE WITH PARKING CHARGES.

It’s the final countdown – decision on parking charge hikes tomorrow – Ludlow protest 6pm tonight – please join us

I’m just grabbing a few moments from leave to bring you up to date on the parking charge debacle. Despite a cabinet member promising us he would ask for changes last week, council officers said yesterday that the paperwork is finalised. No changes are possible. That means it is all down to the cabinet tomorrow. Philip Dunne has protested to the council leader calling for a review or delay. Join us for our public protest at 6pm in Castle Square tonight.

Meet Ben who picks litter on the Titterstone Clee – he’s a border collie (with video)

I’m having a break with my family for a few days. We have been visiting our beautiful countryside. But everywhere we go, townscapes and landscapes are blighted by litter. We hate it. Everyone hates it. We were up on the Titterstone Clee today. There we met Colin, Chris and Ben, three volunteer litter pickers. It was great to see them. Ben, who picks up the bottles and cans from difficult slopes, is a border collie. Watch him collect a plastic water bottle in this video.

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