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Two councillors needed for Ludlow Town Council

Ludlow Town Council has a second vacancy for a councillor after I stepped down for health reasons. I actually feel quite fit. It’s just that my legs don’t agree with that assessment. When I joined the council a year ago, I could walk fairly well. But the neuropathy in legs has got worse and I must use a stick for support when I walk, sometimes two. This is often worse in the evenings and sitting in a low chair (which is a compulsory torture in council meetings) makes it worse. Despite generous offers of lifts from other councillors, it was becoming increasing difficult for me to attend evening meetings. I decided it was better that I stood down and someone else took up the role. I will however remain a Shropshire Councillor. I want to emphasise this as there has been some confusion on Facebook. I will still represent Ludlow North and I will still devote most of my time to being a councillor.

Update on Ludlow Town Wall repairs

Last night’s Annual Town Meeting was fairly well attended with more than 20 residents. The usual question and answer session followed presentations by councillors. Jennifer Gill asked about progress on repairing the town walls behind St Laurence’s Church, which fell nine years ago. Mayor Robin Pote gave the reply. He said the work could cost £3 million, money that many need to be borrowed. This might be borrowed from the Public Works Loans Board. My back of envelope calculation is that would lead to repayments of around £150,000 a year if the loan period was the normal 30 years, roughly a third of the council’s budget. Councillor Pote said: “The wall is owned by St Laurence Parochial Parish Church (PCC). Shropshire Council took the emergency response lead at the time of the collapse. A legal debate between Shropshire Council, the Town Council and PCC commenced in 2015, and Ludlow Town Council agreed to lead those looking for a way of funding the necessary repairs to the collapsed section of the Ludlow Town Wall, next to the Garden of Rest.

Darren Childs elected to Gallows Bank Ward by four votes

Darren Childs, known for his campaigning on ambulance provision in rural areas such as Ludlow, has been elected to Ludlow Town Council. The vote went to a recount and he won by four votes. That must be the closest result in Ludlow since Viv Parry lost to Martin-Taylor Smith for the Ludlow South unitary ward by just two votes a decade ago. The score on the doors: Darren Childs: 173 votes Tom Scott Bell: 169 votes. The turnout was 16.5%, which is fairly typical for a town or parish council by-election. There are local elections across the country in May but not in Shropshire where elections took place last year.

Council tax in Ludlow due to increase by more than four per cent in April

Ten days ago, Shropshire councillors agreed the council tax for Shropshire. For Band D properties in Ludlow, the charges from 1 April will be: Shropshire Council: £1,574.60 (+3.99%) Shropshire Fire Authority: £106.27 (+1.99%) Police and Crime Commissioner: £249.66 (+3.94%) Ludlow Town Council: £198.13 (+7.7%). Combined, the four taxes give an overall rise of 4.2% in for householders in Ludlow from 1 April. The Band D charge in Ludlow will £2,115.17 before the energy rebate and any discretionary relief. All Band A-D households will get a £150 rebate, with additional payments to the poorest households that do not pay council tax or are in higher bands.

New councillor sought for Ludlow Town Council after James Durnall resigns

Ludlow Town Council will today publish a notice of vacancy for Hayton Ward after the resignation of James Durnall. He was not a regular attender of meetings and his resignation comes as no surprise. A new councillor could be elected through a by-election, in which case ten signatures from the ward must be submitted to Shirehall by 21 March. If a by-election is not called by electors, a new councillor will be co-opted by existing councillors. Hayton Ward lies between Dodmore Lane, Henley Road and Weyman Road. Two councillors represent the ward. The new councillor will join Councillor Erica Garner. This resignation is the second within weeks. A by-election is already underway to replace Graeme Perks in Gallows Bank Ward.

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