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Ludford Question looks likely to be answered with Ludlow Town Council expansion

The Ludford Question. Should Ludlow Town Council area be extended into Ludford parish to encompass the new developments and existing housing east of the A49 bypass, along with the Foldgate Lane development? The answer is yes from Ludlow Town Council. Ludford Parish Council’s position has not been announced but it is thought that Ludford is supportive providing the historic area of Ludford village and Whitcliffe is retained at Ludford Parish. Shropshire Council’s consultation is now closed. We will know the final position of both councils and other respondents when the results of the consultation is published. The proposals are bound to prove controversial, as it would mean an increase in parish precept for houses transferred from Ludford to Ludlow. However, it is unfair that some residents of Ludlow pay a lower precept just because they live in another parish. A new Sheet Parish will stretch from the A4117 at Rocks […]

Town Council town walls statement tells us little other than the delays to repairs will continue

On 18 February, it will be eleven years since a section of the town walls bounding St Laurence’s churchyard collapsed. Some maintenance has been done to prevent further decay. Consultants have reported on the work needed to repair the scheduled monument to a heritage standard. Archaeological surveys have been conducted. Beyond that, years have passed by without the repairs beginning. Yesterday, Ludlow Town Council issued a statement on progress on repairing the walls. This tells us little beyond the statement it made in April 2022, except that it is once again engaged in a legal argument on who is responsible for the repairs. The Diocese of Hereford does not have responsibility. Closed graveyards become the responsibility of the local authority. Ludlow Town Council has always been reluctant to take on responsibility for the repairs. For the last seven years, the town council has accepted responsibility for “leading on the repairs” […]

Now is time to tackle the Ludford Question – should Ludlow Town Council expand into Ludford parish?

Shropshire Council is consulting on the parish boundary between Ludlow Town Council and Ludford Parish Council. This is the last stage in a series of reviews of local governance. It began with a review of parliamentary boundaries, leading to the creation the new South Shropshire constituency. This was followed by a review of Shropshire Council’s electoral divisions (wards), Now, Shropshire Council wants to review boundaries between five town and parish councils, including Ludlow and Ludford. This is necessary because the market towns have expanded into neighbouring parishes. Some major town developments are now not represented town councils but by parish councils. That means that towns like Ludlow have no overarching governance and outlying developments do not contribute to town services.

Shropshire Council closes popular Ludlow Tollgate footpath – it’s crazy

The footpath between Tollgate Road and Sheet Road past the children’s play area has been blocked off by Shropshire Council. This is madness. An area of the play area fence has fallen because Shropshire Council failed to conduct routine maintenance. The fence is not a danger to users of the path. So why block the path? The fence collapsed during the week, perhaps due to storm damage or just pushed over. The wooden supports for the fence were rotten at the base and have been for a long while. If someone was pushed towards it in jest, it would have collapsed. The collapsed area should be closed off with barriers. But that can be done without restricting the footpath.

Work has started on the Ludlow Future Transport and Movement Plan

First, we had the Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan (LCWIP). Building on that, I published a Movement Strategy for Ludlow which went much further and included recommendations for walking, cycling, parking and bus improvements across the town. Now, Shropshire Council has begun work on a Future Transport and Movement Plan for Ludlow. This is being led by Shropshire Council’s engineering consultants, WSP. The work by WSP has led to considerable improvements to the streetscape in Shrewsbury. Improvement works in Shifnal are nearing completion and plans for Bridgnorth are on the starting grid. It is time for Ludlow to see some improvements to the town centre. It is time for improvements across the town. Shropshire Council has taken the lead. Ludlow Town Council should now join it as a partner setting up a team to work with WSP and to advise the council. This is the pattern adopted by successful […]

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