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Ludlow Town Councillors appointed three councillors to join them on the council on 16 June. One co-opted councillor has since proved to not have been eligible to stand. After legal advice, the council has decided it must rerun its selection process. There will be no opportunity to stand. The rerun will involve councillors choosing between four of the five councillors that originally stood. The Annual Town Meeting will be held on Zoom at 7pm on Monday 28 June 2021. This is an opportunity for residents to raise concerns and ask questions about the work of the council and issues that matter to our town. The deadline for questions is today. Details below.

Ludlow Town Council is seeking three new councillors – apply by 8 June

This is a great opportunity for you to speak up for the causes you believe in and help us make decisions about Ludlow today and tomorrow. Councils need a wide range of people with a wide range of experiences. This does not have to be professional experience. Commitment and experience of the everyday is as good a qualification as any. Ludlow Town Council is to appoint three councillors to fill vacancies on the town council. No experience is necessary and applications must be submitted by 8th June. The co-option meeting will be on 16th June. Apply here. The council, like all councils, needs new faces. New ideas. New energies.

Ludlow and Clee councillors call for rethink on Ludlow May Fair cancellation

Shropshire councillors Viv Parry, Tracey Huffer, Richard Huffer and Andy Boddington are calling for Ludlow Town Council to rethink its decision on Friday (13 May) to rule out Ludlow’s May Fair going ahead this spring. The May Fair is part of our town’s DNA. It attracts a wide range of people from Ludlow and its hinterland. Especially those who don’t find the Green Festival, Food Festival and the Fringe Festival their scene. Especially young people who we tend to forget have also suffered during lockdown. We believe greater effort should have been made, and can still be made, to run the May Fair this year. It may need a different location for one year only. We have no objection to that although it was ruled out at Ludlow Town Council’s last meeting.

Local Elections 2021 – The results for Ludlow and Clee and Ludlow Town Council

I am a bit late on this post due to other commitments. But you will probably have heard by now that all four of us, Viv Parry, Tracey Huffer, Richard Huffer and myself have retained our seats on Shropshire Council. Looking at the countywide picture, we look like an oasis of calmness as the Conservatives take a battering across the county and the Greens storm Oswestry. There was a big turnout for the one contested seat for Ludlow Town Council. A new face won more than 50% of the votes. It is pretty much all change at Shrewsbury and Oswestry town councils from today. But in Ludlow, we drift on without the renewal which is essential to the health of local democracy. We need contested elections to test the strength of the existing councillor body. Otherwise, we get councillors we did not and could not vote for and then complain!

Covid Watch 143: It is a perennial debate. Perhaps as old as Ludlow’s May Fair itself. Blocking traffic. Noise. Smells. Fun!

On Monday night, Ludlow Town Council debated whether to allow the May Fair this year. Councillors were told that only 30 people would be allowed into the fair at a time. Putting aside that would bankrupt any commercial operation, government rules say that 4,000 people, even more, are allowed for outdoor events such as funfairs. On the proviso they don’t all come at once and the familiar social distancing rules are enforced. At the same meeting, councillors approved space for the Green Festival and the Fringe Festival in the town centre without a limit on numbers. After what I can only describe as an ill-informed debate on Monday, councillors decided to ask for a Covid safe plan for the fair. If the fair goes ahead, it will be over the late May bank holiday. I hope it goes ahead as there is no legal barrier to it doing so.

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