Day: 21 October 2018

We need a plan to manage all parking in the town centre not just in the market area

This weekend we have seen at least one case of lousy parking in the town centre. Ludlow Town Council wants to solve this by banning daytime parking anywhere in the market and castle area. This will be on top of a hike in on-street charges to £1.60 an hour and conversion of Castle Street car park to long stay. The 15-minute free pop and shop will be cut to five minutes. The combined effect will make our town centre a lot tidier. We need to be careful it doesn’t make it a lot deader. [More…] Ludlow is short of car parking spaces.[1] But bad parking in our town is not always caused by a shortage of spaces. It is a result of too many people being reluctant to walk more than a short distance or pay a parking fee. This can be a nuisance, unsightly and sometimes dangerous. The council’s solution is to make the market area a total no parking zone except for deliveries, buses and loading. The council is being asked to restrict parking from 7am to 6.30pm (LTC council paper). Will this stop situations such as that we experienced on Saturday?[2] 11.11am Saturday 20 October. The driver…

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Welcome to KeolisAmey and Transport for Wales, the new operators of Ludlow’s train service

Transport for Wales has taken over the rail line through Ludlow, with international rail company KeolisAmey providing the service. There are promises of major investment in trains and stations, cheaper fares and better services. It could not come a moment too soon. Punctuality has been falling, trains are often overcrowded and the older rolling stock is getting unreliable. Unfortunately, last week was a pretty shaky start for KeolisAmey.

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