Day: 6 March 2019

The new plans for eight homes in the grounds of Linney House are modern, green and so much better

A planning application has been submitted for eight homes in the grounds of Linney House. The scheme is modern in design. That is a radical departure from the previously approved schemes which were uninteresting suburban designs. The scheme also tackles the issue of flooding. Part of the site lies in Flood Zone 2 and the previous application strayed into this. The current applicant plans to reprofile the site to restore the ground to the levels it had prior to the site being quarried lifting all the homes out of the floodplain. A wildlife corridor will be created along the Corve. This proposal will need to be scrutinised in detail. My provisional view is that this is a far more attractive and feasible scheme than the previous proposals. It is well designed and landscaped. It will add to the character of the area. But it will generate extra traffic. The Linney should be brought into the town centre 20mph zone if this scheme is to proceed.

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