Heritage objections lead to delay on Ludlow solar farm decision

Plans for a 33-hectare solar farm near Ludlow have been put on temporary hold after objections from Historic England and Shropshire Council’s historic environment team.

The South Planning Committee was due to make a decision on the solar project at its meeting on 16 June. But after the responses from heritage bodies, which said that the heritage assessment provided with the planning application is “inadequate”, Kronos Solar has asked for the application to be deferred until the next meeting of the planning committee on 14 July.

The Whitton solar farm proposal is still scheduled for the agenda of the 14 June South Planning Committee meeting.

Heritage experts say plans for solar farm outside Ludlow should be refused or deferred

Kronos Solar has submitted plans for a 33-acre solar farm adjacent between Henley Hall and Ledwyche on the outskirts of Ludlow. Now heritage experts say the scheme should be rejected or deferred because the assessment of the impact of the development on heritage assets, especially Henley Hall park, is inadequate. Historic England says it is currently “unable to support” the scheme.

In its comment published yesterday, Historic England says:

The proposed development is situated directly adjacent to the Grade II Registered Park and Garden Henley Hall, which itself contains a number of listed structures including the Grade II* Henley Hall and the Grade II listed Park House. The proposed development falls within the setting of Grade II Henley Hall Park. We consider that given the extent and nature of the proposed development, and its location immediately adjacent to the boundary of the Registered park, the proposed development would cause harm to the significance of the heritage asset as a consequence of development within its setting. Continue reading “Heritage experts say plans for solar farm outside Ludlow should be refused or deferred”

New solar farm proposed for Rock Farm on the outskirts of Ludlow

A fourth solar farm is being planned close to Ludlow.

Global Renewable Construction Limited has applied for a screening option for a solar farm in Ludford parish (15/02288/SCR).[1]

The site is on the opposite bank of the Ledwyche Brook to the proposed Henley Hall solar farm. No other details are available at this stage.

A third solar farm is planned at Whitton. A fourth at Bromfield is expected to get planning permission shortly. Continue reading “New solar farm proposed for Rock Farm on the outskirts of Ludlow”

New 33 acre solar farm proposal at Henley Hall, near Ludlow

Hard on the heels of a resubmission of proposals for the Whitton solar farm, plans have been announced for a 5MW solar farm off Squirrel Lane, between Lower Ledwyche and Henley Hall (15/01472/FUL).

Today, Kronos Solar wrote to Ludlow and Clee unitary councillors announcing that the planning application for a 13 hectare “solar park” has been submitted to Shropshire Council. The application is currently being validated before being made public.

henley_hall_solar_farm_location Continue reading “New 33 acre solar farm proposal at Henley Hall, near Ludlow”

New plans for two solar installations near Ludlow – updated

Update: 19 June 2015

Fishmore Farm. The rooftop scheme was approved under delegated powers on 7 May 2015.

Whitton. On Tuesday, the South Planning Committee unanimously rejected plans for a 4.3MW, 13,000-panel solar farm at Whitton in Cayman parish a few miles from Ludlow. Officers had recommended approval but committee members were not convinced by the arguments in the officer report. After a lengthy and lively debate, I proposed refusal, seconded by Robert Tindall, councillor for Brown Clee. Officers resisted us citing loss of best and most versatile agricultural land as a reason for refusal. Through the debate, the case officer had argued that the grading of the land is unaffected by solar installations, citing appeal cases. In my view these cases were selective and Councillor Tindall and I stuck to our guns on including loss of best and most versatile land as a ground for refusal. The committee backed us and voted unanimously to reject the scheme on the following grounds:

The development site is in close proximity to the Shropshire Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and would have a detrimental and visual impact upon the environment, character and landscape of the area and would result in the loss of best and most versatile land. Accordingly, the proposal would be contrary to Core Strategy Policies CS5, CS6 and CS17 and paragraph 112 of the National Planning Policy Framework whereby the adverse impacts would significantly and demonstrably outweigh the benefits.

Main article: 29 March 2015

Two planning applications have been submitted for very different solar installations near Ludlow. One, on the roofs of existing chicken sheds, is unlikely to be controversial. The other is a submission for a solar farm at Whitton in Caynham parish. A larger scheme on this site caused much controversy and was thrown out by the South Planning Committee last October.

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