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Stop groaning about slow speeds, concentrate on safety on Shropshire’s roads

A joint post from Kate King, Lib Dem candidate for Burnell in the May Shropshire Council elections, and Andy Boddington, Shropshire Councillor for Ludlow North. Local representatives are calling for a greater priority for safety on the roads of a county where traffic speeds are above the national average. New government statistics show that only eight council areas in England achieved faster speeds on A roads than Shropshire in 2015. In 2015 also, statistics reveal that more than half the injuries on the county’s roads were on A roads (423 of 796 injuries). Kate and Andy are calling for improvements to safety on the A49. They think that we don’t need to drive any faster, we should concentrate on reducing deaths and cutting injuries.

We have an urgent need to repainted road markings and road studs along the A49 north and south of Ludlow. The markings at the junction of the A49 and the B4365 (the road across the racecourse), for example, are barely visible. The junction needs refreshed lines and new studs to reduce the risks of accidents. At last the work is going to be done by Kier Highways, a company working for Highways England. The road will be closed from 9pm to 6am from Monday 31 October to Friday 11 November. But the diversions proposed are bizarre. The proposal is to divert all traffic, including HGVs onto the narrow residential streets of Craven Arms and Ditton Priors. At least, I think that is what Kier is proposing in the most confusing letter I have received since becoming a councillor.

Shropshire Council has recently been awarded a cool £1 million from the government’s Pothole Action Fund. Just maybe this has gone to the council’s head. One million pounds will pay for the elimination of 19,500 potholes from our county’s highways at fifty quid a time. Hurrah! But not at 3.30am in the morning. Last night, Shropshire Council arrived on the Galdeford corner, by the Co-op and the Queens, to start drilling out potholes and patching them. Local residents and visitors in holiday cottages were awakened by the noise. They were not happy.

Calls for Ringway to be sacked by Shropshire Council as road repairs fail

At last Thursday’s council meeting, highways boss Simon Jones admitted that the performance of the council’s road contractors is not up to scratch. He has only just taken over the transport portfolio, which he held a few years back. He said that dealing with Ringway was like dealing with a company in the first year of the contract, not its third year. He also said that spending £1.1 million on improving the Craven Arms highways depot, which is shared between Shropshire Council and Ringway, was part of the contract with Ringway, though he didn’t sound enthusiastic about the project. A couple of weeks ago, Ringway made its third attempt at resurfacing Lower Corve Street. The previous two operations were carried out in October – what sort of company conducts a non-urgent resurfacing in October? Tarmac operations need to conducted in warm weather without excessive rain. Even I know that. Councillor Heather Kidd has now called for Ringway to be sacked. I agree with that. It is not rocket science to resurface roads correctly but Ringway seems to find even the basics difficult.

Road and pavement works planned for Ludlow in 2015

Ringway are Shropshire Council’s contractors. I am not happy with some of their work. Lower Corve Street was resurfaced in 2013. The work by Ringway was judged substandard and the work was repeated in 2014. Now Shropshire Council has ruled that work as inadequate so we will see the road resurfaced again this year. Although Ringway has to pay the cost of remedial work, it doesn’t pay for officer time or the inconvenience to residents. It is time the company got simple jobs like this right the first time.

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