Day: 9 October 2014

Ludlow has a quota of 875 new homes built under Shropshire Council’s blueprint for housing across the county, SAMDev. Now, property specialist Berrys is claiming the numbers here and elsewhere in Shropshire are only a minimum. The developers Berrys represents are not interested in building more houses than we are planning in Shropshire. There’s no market for huge numbers of homes and the developers don’t have the money to build them. What Berrys’ clients want is to build houses on the sites they own or retain options on.They want to build them regardless of whether these sites meet local needs or are in the local plan.

Gerrymandering? Eleven housing developers and agents have clubbed together to fund a joint statement that accuses Shropshire Council of gerrymandering its housing data and of misinterpreting its own plans. It says the county has just three-and-a-half years’ land supply, compared to the five-and-a-half years the council claims it has. I am not convinced that the report is correct in either detail or its overall conclusion. But the accusation of gerrymandering is astonishing. Is the developers’ case is so desperate, they have to resort to suggesting Shropshire Council has manipulated the data to get the result it wants?

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