Day: 4 August 2017

Telford, Hereford, Worcester – almost everyone takes the new pound coins in parking machines but us

It will be weeks before Shropshire Council coonverts Ludlow’s parking machines to accept the new £1 coin. Yesterday, I heard from Hereford and Telford and Wrekin councils. They confirm that all car parking machines in their areas accept the new £1 coins. They join Worcester council, which was boasting that all its charging machines had been converted at the beginning of March. Machines in Stafford were revamped last summer and you’ll have no trouble with the new coinage in Powys. Alas, Shropshire is way behind. Yesterday, it issued a vague promise that its payment machines will be converted later in August. That includes Ludlow.

We have Eastern European beggars on the streets of Ludlow – what should we do?

In recent weeks, Eastern Europeans have appeared on Ludlow’s streets. They are said to be Romanian and sit on Church Street and Tower Street. They beg with empty coffee cups. These beggars are not homeless in a conventional sense. They are clean and have no baggage or sleeping bag. They arrive and depart Ludlow by car. But the people involved could still be vulnerable. What should we do?

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