Day: 13 December 2017

That’s what Shropshire Council is planning to do. Unable to balance its budget, and that is the fault of the government as well as this Conservative led council, it plans to tax some of the poorest people in our county. Yesterday, 14 December, the council voted in favour of making some of the poorest and most vulnerable in Shropshire pay 20% of their council tax bill. One member argued: “It is only fair that everyone shares the burden.” I disagreed saying: “It is not fair that the poor share the burden.” Surely our job as a council is to protect vulnerable people, not tax them?

Snow and ice update – Ludlow returns to normal. Wednesday (updated 12.00pm) #ludlowisopen

Morning and it’s a better one. Ludlow is returning to normal today and we are expecting all services to be open. The market is back in operation and pavements in the town centre have been cleared. Buses are expected to operate near normally. Ludlow schools are open. Some rural schools are closed or on limited hours. Snow and ice will remain on side streets and pavements, where it may still be very slippery. Car parks have yet to be cleared. Some cold temperatures between 7am and 9am and around teatime may lead to refreezing. There is a possibility of sleet this evening.

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