Day: 22 July 2018

We are a naturally green county. That’s not just our verdant rolling hills. We have a huge green thinking community in Shropshire. That’s why it is frustrating that Shropshire Council is always in the slow lane when it comes to green technology. I have already written about the council’s lack of interest in green verges. In an answer to another question on charging points for electric vehicles, the council says it is planning to install some. How many? Two. Roll out of extra charging points will depend on “evaluation”, “solving issues”, “clarity at a national level.” I don’t understand why roll out of EV is happening almost everywhere else but Shropshire.

I visit Ludlow’s Eco Park almost every day. It should be Ludlow’s flagship business area but I am growing angry about the lousy way that Shropshire Council manages the site for safety and for wildlife. The main ecological problem right now is the drying out of the main flood water retention pond. Shropshire Council is making water retention worse by mowing around the pond as though it is in a suburban housing estate. The next problem may sound minor. It’s a hole in the fence surrounding the pond. But that allows dogs into the wildlife area.

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