Day: 21 March 2020

We live in uncertain economic times. We already know of people in the hospitality industry who are being laid off. Other employees could eventually be affected. The Ludlow Food Bank already serves a lot of people who are struggling. The Covid-19 crisis makes it more important for the health of our community than ever. The Food Bank needs food. Tinned and dried food. Easy cook food. Long life. Daily essentials. Sanitary and cleaning products. Personal and household. And one of the best ways you can help with this is by making cash donations. The details of how to do so are below.

One business owner stood in tears in front of me. Twenty years of building a business and we look like being wiped out overnight, she said. It had been a day of generous offers. People saying they would help each other and support essential services. It had been a day of concern. Not just about keeping businesses going but also essential services like buses. And the day ended in virtual lockdown for our town and for society. My body temperature is normal but my mind is in a fever wondering how our town will come out of this unprecedented crisis. We must and we will.

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