Day: 14 April 2020

Planning permission expires for redevelopment of One Stop and the Post Office on Tower Street

One Stop, 9 Tower Street, which leases space to the Post Office, will not be redeveloped in the foreseeable future. The wannabe “developer”, an investment company, has not made any effort over the last three years to start the development. This has led to its planning permission expiring under national rules. Any new plans will have to start from scratch. I always suspected that this development wouldn’t happen. The property developer, Surrey based Machan Investments Ltd, is unknown in Ludlow. But its speculative application was submitted and after the usual debate it was approved. That permission has now failed and that could be bad news for Ludlow. We need regeneration of the Galdeford Corner. It should be a gateway to Ludlow. Attracting customers to Galdeford and Tower Street as a location in its own right. Preserving its convenience store and the Post Office.

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