Month: August 2020

Ludlow Town Council plans to axe tree on Station Drive for CCTV – a coherent tree management plan is needed for this area

Update Councillors have rejected the felling of the tree, saying they could not justify ordering the removal of a tree while criticising others for doing the same. Initially, the camera will not be turned on until a solution is found. Main Article Ludlow Town Council wants to remove or heavily cut back a tree on Station Drive to allow work on a CCTV camera and to ensure that the lens has a clear view. We need CCTV in the centre of town. But we also need trees and greenery. Over the years, the Ludlow centre has a lot of a green canopy and I am not happy about another tree going. The tree is close to the top of Station Drive and is owned by Shropshire Council. It one of best trees along the west edge of the road. I think it is a Whitebeam. It is not protected and probably not distinctive enough to qualify for a tree preservation order. If the tree must go, Ludlow Town Council and Shropshire Council should draw up a comprehensive planting plan for the narrow strip of land between Station Drive and the Galdeford car park. A decision on the tree’s future will…

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Castle View Terrace housing plans published – our town can’t afford to lose this green field

Today, Shropshire Council published plans from Shropshire Homes to build housing on the green paddock on Castle View Terrace, off New Road. This is going to be the most controversial housing application in Ludlow since Richborough Estates announced that they wanted to build more than one hundred homes the green fields on Foldgate Lane. The scheme for Castle View Terrace proposed by Shropshire Homes for Castle View Terrace is small in comparison, seven homes. But it will destroy a rare area of greenfield in this area of Ludlow. It will also damage the character of the terrace and generate extra traffic on the cul de sac. Planning permission has been given for several hundred homes in Ludlow. We have no urgent need to give more permissions. I will oppose this application.

Ludlow town buses return to normal on Monday 17 August 2020 including park and ride services

From Monday, both the 701 and 722 will run half hourly as they did before the coronavirus lockdown. This includes a half hourly 722 service to and from the park and ride at Ludlow Eco Park. This will give a welcome boost to the town centre retail economy. It will help promote Ludlow’s post-lockdown recovery theme of Love Ludlow – shop local, eat local. Buses are safe and sanitised regularly. Face masks must be worn. The usual fares apply, including the restriction on using concessionary passes before 9.30am. Fares apply to all passengers from the park and ride – return tickets are at a discount and a further discount is given to concessionary card holders. Ludlow’s public toilets at open at Castle Street car park, Smithfield and Linney Park. Enjoy Ludlow. Stay safe.

Job Watch Ludlow – huge leap in unemployment following lockdown – we can’t assume that jobs will reappear after the epidemic

Today saw the publication of national and local unemployment statistics. As expected, the data make grim reading. It shows people in the local job market have lost their jobs and people hoping to get into employment are struggling to get a job. The latest data for July show that 385 people in Ludlow were claiming employment related benefits. A year ago, just 165 people were claiming. That’s a huge leap for a small town like ours. In Ludlow, the claimant rate in June was 6.8%. That’s higher that the rate for Great Britain (6.3%) and nearly half as big again as the rate across Shropshire (4.6%). That’s bad news. Although the doubling of 185 claimants in May to 385 this is undoubtedly down to the Covid-19 epidemic, we must be concerned that local jobs could be lost permanently as the nation’s economy weakens.

Rocks Green Sainsbury’s supermarket runs into objections from highways agency on drainage and screening from A49

Highways England has issued another holding recommendation on granting planning permission for the proposed Sainsbury’s store off the A49 at Rocks Green, Ludlow. The objections from the government highways agency are not major, except for its concern that a barrier proposed is not strong enough to prevent vehicles crashing out of the proposed car park onto the A49. These objections will mean that Blackfriars Property Group will have its work cut out to begin work before the winter as it had hoped. The earliest the application can be considered by the Southern Planning Committee is 22 September. It might not be ready for that meeting if Highways England’s concerns cannot be satisfied. The opening of Sainsbury’s, Argos and a petrol filling station is expected before Christmas 2021. That could be delayed if the committee decision is made after September.

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