Day: 6 September 2020

Lamppost saves Ludlow tree from felling for CCTV camera

Update: Ludlow Town Council has agreed to move the camera to the adjacent lamppost. A couple of weeks ago, Ludlow Town Council proposed removing a good looking and healthy Whitebeam from Station Drive, just opposite the GP surgery. The reason was that it grown into a semi-mature tree and was obscuring the vision of a CCTV camera. After some confusion, and objections from town councillors, myself and Tracey Huffer, the county arboriculturalist said he was minded to issue a tree preservation order to protect “a well-established, early mature tree growing in an appropriate space (biologically speaking) in an urban environment.” In the end the solution was simple. Put the CCTV camera on Station Drive on the adjacent lamppost. A final decision will be made by the town council on Monday 7 September. Councillors should also call for a comprehensive planting plan for the narrow strip of land between Station Drive and the Galdeford car park.

Nearly 80 objections have been lodged to the unwanted housing development on Castle View Terrace – here is what people are saying

Update 11 September: 152 objections have now been lodged. There are nearly always objections to housing development. Sometimes they are not well founded. People don’t like change or do not want any more housing in their locality. The planning application for seven homes on Castle View Terrace is different. At the time of writing, Sunday 6 September, Shropshire Council had received 77 carefully reasoned objections. I can’t recall so many objections for a small housing scheme. There are no expressions of support for the scheme. That is not a surprise. As the objectors make clear, the development is out of character with the area. It destroys a valuable green space in an area of town that lacks green spaces. And we don’t need the housing. We have hundreds of homes approved but unbuilt. Shropshire Homes, the Castle View Terrace developer, has 157 homes approved on Fishmore Quarry and Sheet Road. It should get on with building those and abandon this scheme which will destroy a much valued meadow. There is still time to comment on this scheme (20/02971/FUL).

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