Day: 1 November 2020

Covid Watch – Boris Johnson imposes a national lockdown – we must keep our community and town thriving and faith in ourselves

We shouldn’t be here but here we are. Yet again political leaders have dithered in the face of that the epidemic is getting out of control. That happened in March. It has happened again this November. The second lockdown will last until December. A month’s shutdown is expected. The main story is known. Hospitality and leisure businesses, barber hairdressers and nail fashioners must close by midnight on Wednesday. You won’t be able to buy a new car either, except online. The shielded are being told to shy away from society again, though we won’t know the details of their restrictions until tomorrow. Ludlow Town Council can help reduce the impact of this second lockdown by keeping Ludlow Market open. Shropshire Council can help by keeping our town and inter-town buses running.

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