Day: 6 February 2021

Local elections to go ahead in May come what may the government says – time to go postal

We’re off! The government yesterday announced yesterday that the next local elections will be held in three months’ time on 6 May. There has been discussion for months on whether they would be held. Whether they should be held before the pandemic is at its end. I am concerned that many people will think it is not safe to vote. That will weaken democracy. The government should ensure that all voters are asked to apply for a postal vote by sending a letter to every household. It should allow people to register for a postal vote online. In the longer term, we must look at online voting.  

Update on Highways Winter Maintenance from Shropshire Council

Town and parish councils have been updated on highways maintenance ahead of yet another cold snap. The Shropshire Council’s current policy is to grit 29% of the defined highway network. The winter weather has led to an increase in demand on highways resources. and is increasing damage to the road network including more potholes. More out of hours staff have been made available.

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