Day: 18 February 2022

It’s nine years since the town walls fell in Ludlow and they remain fallen

On the morning of 19 February 2013, Ludlow awoke to learn that a section of the town walls behind St Laurence’s Churchyard had collapsed. There was a further collapse two days later at which point Shropshire Council stabilised the wall with bags of sand. The collapses happened after a prolonged wet period followed by a plunge in temperatures to -10C. Nine years later, the wall is still in a state of collapse though there has been slow progress towards getting this collapsed section of wall rebuilt. After a dispute about who was responsible for the repairs, Ludlow Town Council accepted responsibility in October 2015. Nothing much happened for a few years. Different options for repair and reinstatement have recently been discussed following a report to Ludlow Town Council from the Morton Partnership. They involve different levels of disturbance to the churchyard and different potential costs. The repairs could cost between £3m and £5m. The council will need to apply for a grant. If it must fund the work itself, the council’s precept could rise by 65%.

Emergency Numbers for Storm Eunice (and beyond)

It has been a dark and stormy night. The rivers are beginning to rise as the rain lashes down onto already sodden ground. Wind strengths are increasing. All trains in Wales and the Marches are cancelled, as well as trains between Shrewsbury and Telford. Minsterley Motors are running buses in the south of the county but will review the situation as the weather changes. Several schools are closed. The advice is not to travel, to work from home if possible and to stay indoors. Here is a handy list of numbers should the worst come to pass.

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