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Covid Watch: Shropshire businesses step in after our county’s MPs shamefully vote against proving free school meals in holidays

Earlier this week, all five Shropshire MPs voted against giving children from poorer families school meals during school holidays. The MPs, who seem not to know what it is like to be on the poverty line, think families can thrive on Universal Credit. It was their “let them eat cake moment”. The MPs include Philip Dunne who has recently taken on a part-time job alongside his supposedly fulltime job as Ludlow’s MP. Fortunately, cafes, restaurants and businesses around the county have stepped in and are offering food to families with children who qualify for free school meals. Our communities are stepping up just as our MPs step down from their responsibilities.

Covid Watch: Cases grow across Shropshire with hotspots and Telford and Wrekin

A small dip in infection rates across the Shropshire unitary area suggests we are not heading for tier 2. The situation is not so comfortable in Telford and Wrekin where the seven day infection rate remains stubbornly above 100, averaging around 160 during the last week. The biggest jump in cases is centred around Harper Adams University west of Newport. There the seven day infection rate has been above 900. That compares with areas in Liverpool now in Tier 3 lockdown. There is little change for Ludlow which still has a low level of cases.

Covid Watch: Shropshire Council wants you to report on whether businesses are complying with rules while thinking of Swiss Cheese

Are you off to the pub tonight or are looking forward to a relaxed meal in your favourite restaurant? Maybe you are doing an evening shop. The weekend is coming and that will be a busy time for going to shops and venues. But is your experience safe? Are the publicans, restaurateurs, shopkeepers obeying and enforcing the rules on social distancing, providing sanitiser and wearing of face coverings. Shropshire Council wants to know. This invitation to shop on the shops may make some people will feel uncomfortable. Shropshire Council has a role alongside the police in enforcing and handing out fines. It is recruiting its citizens to spy on each other. Is that a good thing? I hope you are thinking of cheese when you keep local and shop local. The council wants you think of Swiss cheese when thinking about Covid-19.

Covid Watch – Shropshire and Telford and Wrekin moving towards Tier Two restrictions

See also this later article: Covid Watch: Cases grow across Shropshire with hotspots and Telford and Wrekin Nothing cheerful to say here as the maps illustrate. Over the last month, the rate of detected Covid-19 cases in Shropshire has doubled. If the trend continues upwards, we could qualify Tier 2 (high alert) in a matter of days. Telford and Wrekin is going the same way. The main impact of Tier 2 will the ban on different households socialising indoors unless they are in the same support bubble. Overnight stays with a friend you don’t live with will also be outlawed. The timing is uncertain but a move to Tier 2 looks as inevitable as it is unwelcome.

Covid Watch – Government restrictions to control coronavirus leaves England in tiers but no local impact on Ludlow and Shropshire

The government is to introduce a three tier scheme for controlling the spread of coronavirus. Despite some reports on local media yesterday morning, Shropshire and Telford and Wrekin are at the lowest tier, the medium alert level. That means no change to restrictions from now. The rule of six will still apply and pubs will close at 10pm as now. During the last few weeks, the infection rate in the Shropshire unitary area has grown from 14 cases to 66 cases per 100,000 people over seven days. If the rate continues to increase in the next few weeks, we are likely to be pushed into the second tier, high alert level. That will outlaw all mixing indoors between different households or support bubbles, Outdoors, in public spaces and private gardens the rule of six will apply. Although people are getting tired of restrictions, we need to continue to take care.

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