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Golden Moments threatened with closure (corrected post)

After more than 20 years on Broad Street in Ludlow, Golden Moments is threatened with closure. An application has been submitted to convert the property into a house (22/01790/FUL; 22/01791/LBC). The application is from a neighbour, who owns the freehold on Golden Moments and town house next door. He wishes to return the streetscene “to a more quiet residential setting”. I am appalled by this application. Golden Moments is a popular venue. That does of course mean there will sometimes be noise of people arriving and leaving but it is not a raucous establishment. I can’t recall a complaint about noise or behaviour. What we can’t have is a town centre that takes a vow of silence at 6pm. Town centres should bustling places. They should have places to eat. Places to meet friends. Places to laugh. Places to enjoy good food. This type of application though which a property owner and neighbour seeks to change the character of the neighbourhood and destroy a successful business is unwelcome in Ludlow. I will be opposing it at every stage.

Clarifying Ludlow buses serving the Parys Road area

No change! The 722 service is continuing to serve passengers on Tollgate Road and Parys Road every hour as it has done for a long while. However, an article in the Local Ludlow magazine which has been dropped off at homes in the area during the last few days states: “Minsterley Motors have changed the route of the 701 and 722 without consulting anyone. They now drive straight into town without going down Pary’s [sic] Road without a bus service.” I need to put the record straight. The route hasn’t changed without “consulting anyone”. The timetable and routing remains as it has been for the last few years.

Blows for Ludlow as M&Co to close

M&Co on the Market Square is to close in a month’s time. The adjacent building, the former George Inn which became PizzaExpress, has planning permission for a £2.2 million scheme by Oakman Inns and Restaurants to return the building to a public house (21/04064/FUL). The approved scheme included part of the back of house area of No 12 (M&Co) but rumours on social media that the pub will be expanded into the retail area are not correct. The M&Co area will remain in retail use.

Statement from Powis Estates on the Medieval Fayre and Ludlow Castle

Following the announcement that the Medieval Fayre is no longer viable after the impact of the pandemic and Storm Arwen, the castle trustees have issued a statement.   “Powis Estates, who proudly own and maintain Ludlow Castle, are incredibly disappointed that the Medieval Fayre will not be returning to the Castle this year. However in light of Storm Arwen’s devastation, along with Covid-19, the decision is entirely understandable bearing in mind the huge financial losses and the risks involved in putting on future events. “The Castle is owned by Trustees. They remain committed to a five-year £1m rolling programme of maintenance and remedial work to the ruin, in light of its nationally important grade 1 listed status. All profits are reinvested into the ruin to ensure its long-term future.

Ludlow Medieval Christmas Fayre comes to a post pandemic end

Of all the festivals in Ludlow – and we are a festival town – I enjoy the Medieval Christmas Fayre more than the food festivals. The Medieval Christmas Fayre is gentle silliness. Singing in tents. A laugh a minute even if at times it could be a muddy puddle a minute, And of course, good local beer and cider. We still have a host of festivals. The spring and autumn food festivals. The Fringe. Arts festivals. But I will so miss the Medieval Christmas Fayre. Here is the statement from Dakin Events, Prue and Abi, issued earlier today. We wish them well and thank them for their hard work in making the Fayre successful before the pandemic and Storm Arwen. I for one will mourn the end of one of Ludlow’s best festivals.

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